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July 2012 — Made ads smaller and “un-centered.” Replaced Mirada thumbnails with full sized photos and got rid of unused code on that page.

November 2011 —  Fancy new look for the main pages. Nine months into “new management.” 

October 2011 — Fixed more forum issues, made very minor updates to home page, fixed "unable to register" problem.

September 2011 — Security update to forums. Continued spammer removal.

June 2011 — Swapped moderately slow advertising banner on bottom for faster one, again (and again). Continued spammer removal — and the long delayed move to SMF 2.0! With all the error fixing and updates that entailed.

May 2011 — Extensive spammer removal from the forums. Fixed code on numerous other pages (my fault — I'd stripped code badly). Swapped slow advertising banner on bottom for moderately faster one.

April 5, 2011 — Stripped email addresses from the Plosky forum archive; updated history page; fixed code on a few more pages

April 2, 2011 — Also updated Cordoba and Imperial pages with new information.

April 1, 2011 — Working member map! To add yourself, log into the forums, then go to Profile -> Forum Profile Information. You'll see the map near the bottom of the page; you have to add yourself that way (not from the Location field).

March 31, 2011 — Put all archived registry entries onto single page for easier viewing. Removed all email address to stop spam cultivation. Removed obsolete archived registry pages. Did the same for the guest book; all one one page, emails removed or defused.

March 2011 — Uploaded revised pages — no content changes to speak of, just faster loading standard header/footer (including the standard menu from the forums), fewer ads. Lots of work on the forums to stop spammers and such. Removed dead links, took out moribund webrings. (Gosh, those brought back memories. Webrings, web awards... half of 'em were SEO scams. They all seemed to disappear overnight.) Preparing to do major renovation of image pages. Started move to css basis for the site (for greater speed). Larger type. Album partly moved over from defunct Coppermine install.

2/25/2011 — Cleaned the underlying code for faster loading; removed some ads; transferred to a new server

4/20/2004 - Added a seventh photo to the Future Dreaming page.

4/17/2004 - Restored Farley's Chat Room by user request, with some improvements over the old chat service.

4/14/2004 - Added a photo to the Dodge Aspen Diplomat Predecessors page, added a photo to Diplomat Memorials, completely rewrote the Future Dreaming page, tweaked the Diplomat History page to reflect current events.

3/14/2004 - Added a funny photo to Diplomats 29.

3/10/2004 - Added another big batch of sites to Links. Finished restoring all WebRing associations, which can now be seen on the Main Index Page.

3/9/2004 - Added a photo to Plymouth Siblings 11, and added a related URL to Links.

3/3/2004 - Added two submitted photos to Diplomats 29.

3/1/2004 - Added license plate images to the license plate history on Farley's Data, with links to photos where Farley displays the plate in question. Added several suggested Links.

2/28/2004 - Added five photos to Diplomats 29, added some transmission-related image files contributed by Reggie to Diplomat Resources, made minor modification to Diplomat VINs based on feedback.

2/27/2004 - Finished remodel and update of the Diplomat Registry, posted most backed-up registrations. Designed new Guestbook under the Diplomat Forum, and created a Guestbook Archive to preserve the previous six years of Guestbook entries. Added three photos to Plymouth Siblings 9, added six photos to Plymouth Siblings 10. Discovered Diplomat Cousins was not included on the Site Map, fixed. Removed around 200 dead links from all over the site, and added a few new ones to Links and Diplomat Resources. Added thirteen photos to Non-Stock M Bodies, added nine photos to Diplomats 26, created new page Diplomats 27 and added seventeen photos, created new page Diplomats 28 and added ten photos, created new page Diplomats 29 and added two photos, created new page Plymouth Siblings 11 and added six photos.

2/26/2004 - Installed new Diplomat Registry under the Diplomat Forum, and provided instructions for entering registrations. Installed new Search application (not remote-hosted through a third party), and now the Search box appears at the bottom of every page.

2/25/2004 - Added eleven photos from Tommy Eide to Diplomats 23, two photos to Diplomats 24, created new page Diplomats 25 and added eleven photos, created new page Diplomats 26 and added a photo, added a photo to Chrysler Siblings, added new Diplomat Predecessor page with three photos: Plymouth Fury Salon, added eight photos to the Diplomat Memorials page, added four photos to Non-Stock M Bodies, added four photos to Plymouth Siblings 9, created new page Plymouth Siblings 10 and added four photos, added a photo to Other Diplomats.

2/21/2004 - Major remodeling done to the Index Page.

2/18/2004 - After moving the site onto a new service provider (Total Choice Hosting, which I highly recommend), added many new services and made general updates. Biggest immediate change was a new Forum.

7/10/2003 - Wow, I waited a year again for updates... sheesh! Sorry about that. Added some photos of Tommy Eide's Dip wagon he's restoring in Norway to Diplomats 23, and added a photo to Plymouth Siblings 9.

7/8/2002 - Archived Registrations 2Q 2002 and started Registrations 3Q 2002.

6/17\2002 - Believe it or not, you can now order your own Farley's Page Tee Shirt!

4/12/2002 - Long drought since the last update! Completed and archived Registrations 3Q 2001, Registrations 4Q 2001 and Registrations 1Q 2002 and started Registrations 2Q 2002. Lots of saved-up pics in storage here, hope to get those posted in the next few days or weeks.

11/27/2001 - Added photos to Farley's Photos 5.

7/17/2001 - Added photo to Diplomats 24.

7/9/2001 - Updated and cleaned up the Links. Thanks to Patrick Kozicki for his assistance.

7/2/2001 - Archived Registrations 2Q 2001 and started Registrations 3Q 2001. Added ongoing photo count to the main home page link to the Photo Album (395 M Body photos to date).

7/1/2001 - Photos posted: Added photos to Diplomats 24. Added a site content update time stamp to the main home page. Added Forum profile for NeonHomer.

6/29/2001 - Photos posted: Added photos to Diplomats 22, created new pages for Diplomats 23 and Diplomats 24, added photos to Plymouth Siblings 9, created a new section of the Photo Album for Non Stock M Bodies. Added Forum profiles for Kris and Thunderstruck. Updated the Links. Added resources to Diplomat Upgrades. Added a few minor revisions to Diplomat VIN and Tag Decoding. New Registrations are now posted in a different format including new info and VIN. Finished visual redesign of main home page.

6/27/2001 - Restored access to many webrings, and added several new ones, and added Farley's Page to the voting pool for the Mighty Mopar Top 100. Added the Instruction Sheet for Mopar Performance Electronic Ignition Kit to the Upgrades page, thanks to Patrick Kozicki.

6/13/2001 - After much delay again, regular access to page updates has been restored. The staleness of Farley's Page should shake off the dust in the next month or so as we wind things back up to normal. All submitted Diplomat Stunts and Diplomat Registry entries (1Q 2001) that have been archived for posting since March 2001 have now been updated.

3/7/2001 - After much delay from the new job and major life reorganization, all submitted Diplomat Stunts and Diplomat Registry entries (4Q 2001 and 1Q 2001) that have been archived for posting since late November 2000 have now been updated.

1/31/2001 - Added a seventh member to Forum Regular Profiles [link deactivated].

10/27/2000 - Added another photo to Diplomats 22. Added Conversion to Manual Transmission to the Upgrades section. Added Farley's Thoughts on Speeding. Added a sixth member to Forum Regular Profiles [link deactivated].

10/24/2000 - Added a photo to the new Diplomats 22.

10/23/2000 - Been very busy and out of the office, finally found time to catch up a lot of pending Registrations.

9/22/2000 - Added four photos to the new Plymouth Siblings 9.

9/7/2000 - Reverted to the old Farley's Forum [link deactivated] by popular demand. Added new photos to Diplomats 21. Added a site problem report form to the bottom of every page.

8/29/2000 - Added a slew of photos to the new Plymouth Siblings 8, of an unbelievably trick Plymouth Gran Fury still serving active police duty. Also installed the new Farley's Forum [link deactivated]!

8/23/2000 - Added photos and a nice resurrection story of Tara Thompson's 1987 Diplomat SE to Diplomats 21.

8/10/2000 - Added a bunch of photos to the new Plymouth Siblings 7, Diplomats 20, Diplomats 21, and Diplomat Memorials.

7/5/2000 - Added to Diplomat Memorials, created Diplomat Registrations for 3rd Quarter 2000, archived the 2nd Quarter.

6/19/2000 - Added two photos from Adam Taylor. One each to Diplomats 19 and Plymouth Siblings 6. Also added a photo of a souped-up 1978 Diplomat Wagon to Diplomats 19, from its owner, Doug Thomas.

6/14/2000 - Added eight photos of Alberto D'Urso's 1985 ex-US Government Plymouth Gran Fury from Rome, Italy to Plymouth Siblings 6. Dig the bulletproof armor!

6/2/2000 - Added some more photos to Diplomats 5 from Tom Adams. New hyperlink rollover effects and lighter-colored visited links will be implemented as pages are updated.

5/30/2000 - Added a photo with my dad and I posing with Farley on Farley's Photos 5. My dad is Farley's previous owner. Added the 1987 Diplomat Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

5/26/2000 - Having a few problems with the site maintaining its Microsoft Frontpage "theme", leading to update delays. Still some issues, but the updates shouldn't wait too long. Added photos to Diplomats 19 and to the new Plymouth Siblings 6. Added several Links.

5/12/2000 - Joined the 318 WebRing.

5/5/2000 - Added five new images to the new page Farley's Photos 5.

5/1/2000 - Moved Farley to a new server. URL of remains in effect, but page load and downloads should be much faster. Click here [link no longer active] for details.

4/28/2000 - Added a photo submitted by email from Ross Palmquist to Diplomats 19.

4/20/2000 - Posted Brakes to the Service Manual, check out the Diagnosis Guide on Service Adjustments!

4/5/2000 - Added six photos of Joe Coyle's (aka Joe in Toronto) lovingly maintained 1988 Plymouth Caravelle to Plymouth Siblings 5.

4/3/2000 - Added some more photos to Diplomats 5 from Tom Adams. Added a photo to the new Diplomats 19 from Mike Taylor. Updated some text to the Diplomat Cop Cars as mentioned by Adam Taylor. Added some anonymously-submitted commentary to a pre-existing picture on Plymouth Volare.

3/30/2000 - Added Search capability to Farley's Forum [link deactivated], can also be accessed from the Site Search [link since deactivated] page.

3/29/2000 - Added four photos to Diplomats 18 from Scott Eriksen.

3/22/2000 - Added six photos to the new Diplomats 18 from Mike Omell ("Bulldog").

3/9/2000 - Updated at long last Farley's Maintenance Update. Have to really be more careful about remembering that page.

3/8/2000 - Dave Arnold caught some more pics of a Diplomat he'd previously photographed, they've been added to the earlier shots of it on Diplomats 16. Added photos of Cody Linneberg's 1981 Dip 2 Door to Diplomats 17. Added photos of Jason Shafer's retired police package 1981 Lebaron to Chrysler Siblings.

3/6/2000 - Added some links.

2/28/2000 - Added the 1977 Introductory Diplomat Brochure, the 1979 Dodge Aspen Brochure and the 1982 Chrysler Cordoba Brochure to Dodge Diplomat Brochures (formerly known as "Diplomat Documents").

2/10/2000 - Installed Farley's Chat Room [removed Feb 25, 2004].

2/8/2000 - Completed the move to

1/24/2000 - Added a photo to Diplomats 17.

1/19/2000 - Posted Rear Axle to the Service Manual.

1/18/2000 - Installed the new Transactions Forum [link deactivated], built to resemble the popular regular Forum.

1/17/2000 - Posted Front Suspension and Steering Linkage to the Service Manual.

1/14/2000 - Posted Lubrication and Maintenance to the Service Manual.

1/13/2000 - Created new, cleaner "Diplomat" font icons on the Home Page, and (finally) made an "Upgrades" icon, along with a few other new ones. Shuffling the organization of the site a bit. Started to enter the 1987 Service Manual, having completed the Introduction and General Information.

1/12/2000 - Updated Diplomat VINS and Tag Decoding for post-1980 M body cars. Still some gaps, but much more complete now. Added the 1984 Diplomat Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

1/10/2000 - Added several photos to the new Diplomats 17 page. Added a photo under Diplomat Cousins to Dodge Mirada. Added a link.

1/7/2000 - Thanks to Reggie Royster, we now offer both a full-size and wallet-size flyer promoting the existence of this site as well as Mike Taylor's Chrysler Fifth Avenue Page. Help Spread the Word!

1/4/2000 - Farley's Page now has its own home URL: Reduced the size of the somewhat intrusive Navigation Bar while giving the entire site a significant visual facelift.

12/22/1999 - Added the 1982 Gran Fury Brochure and 1983 Gran Fury Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

12/21/1999 - Tweaked the Diplomat VINS and Tag Decoding page and Basic Diplomat Specs, added several newly-discovered details. Added the Service Manual Maintenance Schedule to the other two Maintenance schedules already available at Diplomat Documents.

12/20/1999 - Created a new Diplomat VINS and Tag Decoding sheet separate from the Basic Diplomat Specs page (no new decoding info at this time). I have a line on a 1987 service manual that will provide a boost of information on decoding later. Added tire size information, vehicle loading capacity information, recommended oil types information and fluid capacity information to Basic Diplomat Specs. Added another maintenance schedule, there are now two. Take your pick from the Owner's Manual Maintenance Schedule or the Haynes Guide Maintenance Schedule. Added the 1984 Gran Fury Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

12/17/1999 - Added the 1983 Diplomat Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

12/15/1999 - Added the 1985 Diplomat Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

12/14/1999 - Added three photos to Diplomats 16 and another shot of the Fire Chief's LeBaron wagon to Chrysler Siblings, all courtesy of Dave Arnold. Updated some text of the Diplomat Cop Cars per input from Reggie Royster. Updated the Diplomat History. Added another image of me and Farley to Farley's Photos 4.

12/6/1999 - I've gone out on a limb and added a frames NavBar. It isn't required to navigate the site, but does allow for some fast shortcutting. I've long been opposed to frames, but may be changing my ways depending on how well it works. Click here to go back to the main page with the NavBar added.

11/22/1999 - Added some photos from Jason Shafer to Plymouth Siblings 5.

11/15/1999 - Added some photos to Chrysler Siblings from Dave Arnold, including a rare fire chief's LeBaron wagon.

11/13/1999 - Added a link to Diplomat Documents to an "M" Body brochure hosted at Adam's Dodge Diplomat Page. Added another photo to Diplomats 16 from Dave Arnold. Added another Link.

11/9/1999 - Added two new photos of a Plymouth Gran Fury with a hilarious painting scheme to Plymouth Siblings 5. Added a listing to Diplomat Memorials.

11/5/1999 - Added three photos from when Farley crossed 300,000 miles in March of 1999 to Farley's Photos 4.

11/4/1999 - Added two pages to the evolving Diplomat Upgrades page. Thanks to Reggie Royster, we now have extensive data on Diplomat Cop Cars and Diplomat Rear Ends. Also restored the old Farley's Forum Archive [link deactivated], though I lost the listing with subject headings. If you browse the filenames, you'll figure out the system. When this info is incorporated into the Upgrades, the archive will no longer be needed.

10/28/1999 - Added two images to Diplomats in Dodge Lineup Brochures - one each from the 1985 and 1987 Dodge Full Lineup Brochures. The Diplomats in Dodge Lineup Brochures page was renamed from "1978 Dodge Lineup Brochure" to reflect the fact that other years were now represented with these new images.

10/26/1999 - Added three new photos of Anthony Churchill's 1979 Diplomat, Sluggo, to Diplomats 16 with a nicely detailed history of the car and the name.

10/22/1999 - Added another Link.

10/20/1999 - Corrected and edited the Ford Fairmont/Mercury Zephyr Imposter page based on some very helpful clarifications submitted by email.

10/19/1999 - Added new photos to Diplomats 15, new Diplomats 16, and Diplomat Memorials. Yikes, I totally forgot about the Farley's Maintenance Update page, just got that updated too. Added some Links. Added the 1980 Diplomat Brochure to Diplomat Documents.

10/18/1999 - Added all of the photos taken for the Bottom Line Personal magazine article about Farley that recently were found at home. Posted to both Farley's Photos 3 and the new Farley's Photos 4. Added a Diplomat Resources link to the Chrysler Fifth Avenue Road Report posted at Mike Taylor's Chrysler Fifth Avenue Page. Attempted to clarify the muddled history of the Chrysler LeBaron from some very helpful notes that were emailed to me.

10/15/1999 - Added a hilarious Diplomat Stunt from JT Justman.

10/13/1999 - Posted the Bottom Line Personal magazine article about Farley and listing car longevity tips and tricks at Farley gets Published! Added some photos of a stunning Diplomat Coupe to Diplomats 15. Repaired and reorganized the images to the 1979 Dodge Diplomat Brochure posted yesterday. Added some Diplomat images from the 1978 Dodge Lineup Brochure.

10/12/1999 - Added eight new photos of Tom Adams' tree-attacked Diplomat, getting closer to a return to action every day. See the new shots on the page dedicated to his car, Diplomats 5. Also added a photo to Diplomats 15 from Anthony Churchill of Sluggo, his 1979 Diplomat. Added a new photo to Farley's Photos 3, and three new photos detailing more stuff from Farley's 1996 rear-ending on Meet Farley. Added a 1979 Dodge Diplomat Brochure to Diplomat Documents, rearranged the brochure pages so that all thumbnail images did not load onto just one page.

10/11/1999 - Just got back from vacation, and found that my scanner had finally been repaired (been waiting since June 1st!). Lots of Farley photos, brochures, and extras are going to start showing up. We'll start with a second 1978 Diplomat Dealer Brochure, this one the modified version after the Wagon was added to the Diplomat lineup. Find it at Diplomat Documents. Also added another photo from Bud Carroll to Diplomats 15.

9/16/1999 - Added some photos, including a noteworthy pair of Diplomat Wagon pics, to the new Diplomats 15.

8/27/1999 - Added three photos of the rarely spotted Mexican "M" Body Dodge Dart.

8/18/1999 - Added a Site Search [link deactivated] Tool, available on its own page or at the Site Index.

8/12/1999 - Added links to eBay for "M" Body related stuff, they are posted on the heading area of Farley's Forum. Also added a Diplomat photo submitted by Adam Taylor to Diplomats 14.

8/9/1999 - Updates were limited for the past two months while I worked on remodeling the site. I could not keep making dual updates (to both the "live" site and the "beta" site) and keep my head on straight. Now that the new site is posted, updates will again be making a regular appearance. There are still a few bugs to work out, as can be expected anytime this much is changed. Please let me know about any dead links or visual problems you encounter.

Below this point are text-only descriptions of site changes. Due to the remodel of Farley's Page, most links formerly in these descriptions are no longer operational. This list is provided only for visitors to see how Farley's Page has grown in the past.

6/8/1999 - Added two Links. We continue to grow! . . added Diplomats Group Four, and added an image to Diplomats 31. Added Tire Information to Diplomat Data. And Farley's
Page has won another Award.

5/25/1999 - Added Reggie Royster's compiled Diplomat Cop Car info to the new Diplomat Library Page. Made some structural changes to the Diplomat Information area, resulting
in a new separate Diplomat Resources Page, and moved Eric's Diplomat Library underneath the new Library page here at Farley's.

5/12/1999 - Added a "Trim" pull-down field and Update Previous Registration ID entry to the Registration Form.

5/7/1999 - Added an image to Diplomats 30.

5/5/1999 - Modified the Registration Form, added some pull-down menus to make registering easier than ever. Added a "400,000 mile mark" estimator for Farley on the
Maintenance Update page.

4/30/1999 - Just got access back to the server, caught up on registrations that were backed up, added an image to Diplomats 30, and added a Link.

4/15/1999 - Added an image to Diplomats 30.

4/12/1999 - Created new Dodge Siblings area, with focus on international Dodge "M" Body cars, which are named something other than "Diplomat". The area features a page for
the Dodge Coronet with three new images, and the Dodge Dart (no pics on this one yet). Added a noteworthy photo to Diplomats 29, and images to the new Diplomats 30 and
Plymouth Siblings 10 pages.

4/8/1999 - Created new and easy-to-use Transactions Forum for buying selling and trading "M" Body stuff. Added another image to Other Diplomats.

4/6/1999 - Added some images to Diplomats 29, added new page Other Diplomats with a few interesting photos.

4/5/1999 - Posted a fascinating picture of a 1979 Dodge LeBaron (that is no typo!) from JD Harmon on the Other Predecessors page.

4/2/1999 - Moved Registry section over for First Quarter 1999. Noteworthy: 100th Registration received just barely over a year after the Registry opened.

3/31/1999 - Minor enhancements and formatting changes to Entrance Page and Home Page. New Counter installed.

3/29/1999 - Minor update to Diplomat History with a mentioning of the "M" body Dodge Dart.

3/26/1999 - Added a very significant amount of information to the Diplomat Data page. There is a new, much larger page titled Diplomat Electrical Specs beneath the Data
page, filled with information from the 1979 Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Electric Service Manual. Also discovered an original factory build sheet for Farley under the carpet while
changing the interior. It is now available with the Documents on Farley's Information.

3/22/1999 - Posted a submitted photo to the new Diplomats 29 page.

3/19/1999 - Updated the format of Farley's Maintenance Update page.

3/4/1999 - Add a listing to Sales and Parts.

3/3/1999 - Minor edits to the Diplomat History and Chrysler LeBaron pages.

2/22/1999 - Implemented the new "Diplomat" font buttons, changed the contents page appearance.

2/9/1999 - Added a Link.

2/2/1999 - Added several photographs of Bruce Hale's Caravelle. Since the new page is all of his car, it's been renamed Bruce's - PSibs 9 instead of Plymouth Siblings 9.

1/28/1999 - Added images to Diplomats 11 (more photos of the restoration of a crushed Diplomat), and Diplomats 28.

1/27/1999 - Added images to Diplomats 26, and new pages Diplomats 27 and Diplomats 28. Modified and added to Diplomat Memorials.

1/26/1999 - Added an image to Plymouth Siblings 8.

1/25/1999 - Added an image to Diplomats 26.

1/22/1999 - Added a file to Background Images.

1/21/1999 - Added an image to Diplomats 26. Also edited the Diplomat History.

1/20/1999 - Added a Link.

1/15/1999 - Added the first entry to Diplomat Memorials, added three images which appear on Diplomats 25 and the new Diplomats 26.

1/14/1999 - Established the Diplomat Memorials page, more to come in the future. Repaired the overwritten Chrysler Siblings 5.

1/13/1999 - Added the new Photos of Farley Page 6, with two images I recently uncovered. Added a Link.

1/6/1999 - Rebuilt and re-established the Mailing List. Subscribers now have the ability to send messages to other subscribers. Previously, messages only originated from
Farley's Page admin.

1/5/1999 - Updated Farley's Maintenance Update.

12/15/1998 - Added a searching tool into the Farley's Forum History, but it probably will not begin working correctly until Alta Vista has had time to compile all of the files under
that page. Also installed the new Forum History Reply Form for any replies to archived Forum entries.

12/14/1998 - Started compiling the Forum directly into the site at Farley's Forum History. Current Forum exchanges will continue as before at the current Forum site, but older
entries are being moved to my server and converted to size-friendly "txt" files so that the information is kept in permanent record. New posts can still be added, see the page
for details.

12/11/1998 - Added the story of a LeBaron that met an untimely end, but will always live on in part with Farley. See Patricia the LeBaron.

12/3/1998 - Added a short anecdote to Diplomat Stunts.

12/1/1998 - Added a listing to Sales and Parts.

11/30/1998 - Added some images I received this weekend. See the new Diplomats 25, and added an image of the 360 in Tom Adams' Dippy featured on Diplomats 11. Updated
the Maintenance Update. Updated the text on both Diplomats 23 and Nirvana - Dips 24.

11/27/1998 - Woo, long time with no updates. Sorry, but I have been VERY busy with my real life. The registry has been regularly updated during this drought, at least. Added
new images from a montage contributed by Tom Adams to Diplomats 23 and Nirvana - Dips 24. Once you see it you'll understand the special Title change. Updated the latest
Maintenance Update. I also installed a new, faster Guestbook, now hosted by Guestworld. A new, faster Forum is also in the wings, notification and forwarding links will be
provided when it moves, though the old Forum will be kept for several weeks after the relocation. More on that later.

11/10/1998 - Added two links. Sorry about the slowdown in updates, I have not had as much time to work the site lately.

10/29/1998 - Added a parts listing to the Sales and Parts page.

10/27/1998 - Created a new graphic for visitors who are kind enough to link back to Farley's Page. Now you can use the new "Diplomat Now!" button if it fits the character of
your page where the link is.

10/26/1998 - Posted a new Award. Modified the Meet Farley, Registry, and Photo Album pages to look more like the Tools and Information areas. Subdivided the existing
Registrations by annual quarter so loading all of them and tying up the internet with the long file would no longer be necessary. As mentioned in the update email sent last
week, all Predecessors pages have been removed other than Plymouth Valiant, Dodge Aspen, Plymouth Volare, Chrysler Imperial LeBaron, and Other Predecessors. NOTE: Mike
Taylor will be taking possession of the Chrysler Sibling photos from the Photo Album here. The Chrysler Fifth Avenue Page will from now on receive any Chrysler sibling photos I
obtain, and will be the sole source for those images.

10/23/1998 - Added images from California Police Car Pictures to new pages Diplomats 22 and Diplomats 23. Due to the ever increasing size of the Diplomats pictures collection,
I have reorganized the Diplomat images into groups, with each group containing up to ten pages. Added some Links.

10/22/1998 - Added images to Diplomats 21, Plymouth Siblings 8 and Chrysler Siblings 6. Added a note about shields on Sales and Parts. Added a question to the FAQ. Added
a Link.

10/21/1998 - Added images to Diplomats 18, Chrysler Siblings 5, Other Predecessors and new pages Diplomats 19, Diplomats 20, Diplomats 21, Chrysler Siblings 6 and Plymouth
Siblings 8. Added a Link.

10/20/1998 - Built the second of the new Descendants pages, for the Dodge Viper. Be warned that it isn't a very exciting page.

10/19/1998 - Added some images of a car I found and photographed on Friday to the new Diplomats 18 page.

10/16/1998 - Added images to Plymouth Siblings 7, Diplomats 16, and new page Diplomats 17.

10/15/1998 - extended both ends of the Descendants Chrysler LeBaron page, to include the Imperial LeBaron and Sebring. Will try to start working on finishing the new line of
Descendants pages this month. Added an image to Diplomats 16.

10/13/1998 - Added the whimsical Future Dreaming page. Here come the pictures! Added a lot of photos today that can be seen on Chrysler Siblings 4, Diplomats 14, and new
pages Diplomats 15, Diplomats 16 and Chrysler Siblings 5. All new images are from of the Police Car Web Site, which I've shared some photos with recently. Also edited the
Diplomat History, adding many links to pictures to provide some visual aids to go along with some explanations. Freshened up the Site Index.

10/12/1998 - Added a parts listing to the Sales and Parts page. Added an image to Chrysler Siblings 4.

10/9/1998 - Tweaked the colors and appearance some more. Let me know if you like it or not. Added an image to Chrysler Siblings 4, added new Predecessors page Chrysler
Imperial LeBaron, with three images. Built the first of the new Descendants pages, for the Chrysler LeBaron.

10/8/1998 - Completed a serious site design modification. Now there is some color to brighten things up, and navigational aids are more consistent in location and style.

10/5/1998 - Added to the Registry. Registrations are occurring so frequently that I will not be making a note of such updates on this page for new registrations in the future.
It is safe to assume that there will be two or three new entries per week based on current trends. Revised the History page to clear up some confusion about the Fifth
Avenue's naming by year, and 83-on LeBarons.

10/5/1998 - Added to the Registry. Added Plymouth Siblings 7 with some photos I turned up, and a Link to the source.

10/2/1998 - Added to the Registry. Added some linked resources at Diplomat Commentary.

9/30/1998 - Added to the Registry.

9/29/1998 - Added an image to Diplomats 14, and added yet more Links.

9/28/1998 - Added to the Registry.

9/24/1998 - Added to the Registry, added a listing at Sales and Parts.

9/23/1998 - Separated the Maintenance Update from the Meet Farley page. Added three images, they are spread out between Plymouth Siblings 6, and new pages Diplomats 14
and Chrysler Siblings 4. New Links category, Law Enforcement Vehicle Sites. Added to the Registry.

9/22/1998 - Added to the Registry. Added some photos to the Maintenance Update. Added six new Background Images.

9/21/1998 - Added some rare photos I received over the weekend to Diplomats 13. Added new page Background Images, with more material to come.

9/18/1998 - Located Eric Plosky's current Home Page. Though it does not have Diplomats, the man behind the original Diplomat Site will always deserve a mentioning here. Also
added another Link.

9/8/1998 - Added to the Registry. Plunked in a few more odd Links.

8/31/1998 - Added Diplomats 13, with a photo I received over the weekend, and some others I turned up.

8/28/1998 - Added the Diplomat Imitators area. So far only includes the one I know about, the Ford Fairmont. I got bored today so I went and cruised the web looking for some more cool Links. See the "My Picks" section at the bottom.

8/25/1998 - The Diplomat Cousins area is completed. Included are all three Chrysler "J" body cars.

8/24/1998 - Added some images to Chrysler Siblings 3, Plymouth Siblings 6, and created a new Diplomats Page, Diplomats 12. Added some of Farley's stories to Diplomat Stunts. I'm really hoping to get a lot of entertaining material for that page.

8/21/1998 - Coming soon: Diplomat Cousins Photo Album Section. This will be based on the "M" body-derived "J" body Chrysler products, the Chrysler Cordoba and Dodge Mirada. They could be considered as descendants, though their entire body style lifespan was within the life span limits of the "M" body cars, so for purposes of Farley's Page they will be considered cousins.

I've been fine-tuning the pages since the Great Crash last week, making sure all image links work and bringing conformity back to the site and file structure. As usual, let me know if you find something broken.

I've added a new page, called Diplomat Stunts. Use the Diplomat Registration Form to submit your wild stories for others to marvel at.

8/18/1998 - This page is new, for starters. This way everyone can find out what has been happening on the site whether they are on the mailing list or not. From now on update notices will only notify of the update, and you can see what's new by looking here.

I've just finished a major remodel of the site intended to speed up page loads and streamline the appearance of the site. The background image was removed, and real thumbnails were installed on all of the pages with images. I had not known how to create thumbnails until last week. I'm still new at this, remember. Anyway, many of the pages here now load up to 80% faster, according to my software.

The Scrapbook Siblings section has been reorganized according to make and model. The Chrysler LeBaron/New Yorker/Fifth Avenue cars were separated from the Gran Fury/Caravelle cars. This was based mainly on how much I like the same technique Mike used at the Fifth Avenue Page.

Coming up will be a reorganization of the Scrapbook Descendants section. It will be similar to the Predecessors, with individual pages designated to individual cars. I will try to build a picture timeline for each model showing its progression (if any) since the Diplomat cars.

Dodge Diplomat
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