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The creator of this site, Frank Billington IV, wrote:

I don't mind emails, especially from people who feel like telling me what they like best and least about the site, so that I can always be making it the best it can possibly be.

However, many emails I get are for situations that I cannot handle due to lack of knowledge or lack of resources.  Nine out of ten times, I reply to those emails with the same kind of message, which I've decided to put up here from now on to save both the sender's time as well as my own.

Please do not send me emails asking for repair advice.  I am not a mechanic, and there are far better qualified people with more experience available either at Farley's Forum and the Allpar Forums.

Please do not send me emails looking for cars or parts.  I am not actively looking for any cars, nor do I have a stock of parts on hand.  I will occasionally go to a parts yard for what I need like everyone else, and have no special resources available to me.  Again, Farley's Forum has a trading area for posting notes looking for or offering cars and parts.

Frank has gone into a pleasant retirement from active site management, but anything else you want to talk about, web site problems, adding links, telling stories, — I'd appreciate your simply sending me a PM via the forum, or contacting me using this “spam-reduction” form over at

  (Valiant, Duster, and Dart)