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Diplomat Stunts


After hearing about all of the incredible, death and dismemberment-defying activities that have befallen Diplomat owners (which I don't recommend), I decided maybe there ought to be a place to tell the stories of these brave Diplomats and other "M" bodies that have beaten the odds and/or other cars.

Stunts submissions are no longer being accepted, as they were very similar to Registrations.  Feel free to describe your fun stunts on your Registry Entry.  Existing Stunts submissions will remain as they are.


"Davemobile" 1987 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Blue/Deep Blue Police Pkg Salon, 75,845 mi.
Special Equipment - Police package, but it seems that the light ramp is not the original
    Once upon a time (today the 11th March 2001) an English guy who used to live in France sold me this Car of the NYPD. I'm having some little problem but nothing very dramatic. The problem is to find some one who knows this car in this country, or better who can fixed it... For the moment that's it...
ZHENDRE - 3/11/2001

"Dippy" 1986 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Grey/Blue & Pink 4 Door SE, 200,600 mi.
Special Equipment - 6 disk changer
    Being the girl that I am I didn't think to check my transmission fluid. When it got low and tried to shift it shook the whole car breaking my tie rod. My boyfriend couldn't fix it so we duct taped it back in October 2000 and it has still held up. She sits in the field now, last oil 
change when they put her on the lift she bent (rusty frame).  She will be my derby car.
Amanda - 1/19/2001

"The Joe Mobile" 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Tan/Tan 4 Door Hardtop, 400,474 mi.
    Where to start, I have taken the Chrysler from brake standing for 1 mile <the trip odo went 1 mile> had the car on 2 wheels for about 200 feet. Blew up the rear passenger side tire <its not a posi> reverse burn outs <go down a nice road at about 25 mph put it in reverse, it will start to slow down and the when you hit about 10 mph punch the gas you will never have a cloud of smoke so big> lots of fun to drive in snow <as I am sure all you dare devils out there with 5th Avenues know> nothing is rebuilt, original motor and tranny hard to believe? Believe it, I'm looking for a nice Fifth maybe an 84-86 low low low miles, I'm thinking its time to retire this one, for she has been abused, any one looking to buy it?  lol <that's what I thought> lol needs a new paint job but lots of new parts all new bushings, power steering gearbox, radiator, water pump, alt, universal joints <they tend to go from torquing it> valve cover gaskets. Well yesterday I was driving to the air port I was doing about 75-85 and I got rear ended by a Honda Civic doing about 100, I have 1 scratch on the rubber molding going around the bumper and the license plate light broke <5 dollars in damage>.
    As for the Honda, when the guy gets out of the hospital and looks at his totaled civic <the motor was in his lap> he's gonna be looking more a more solid car, I will recommend a Chrysler, <the only reason why I lasted was because a few years back I doubled up the bumper shocks because I was pulling a trailer and I didn't want the bumper to rip off and I reinforced the inside of it with metal <that's where the auto shop and metal shop in school came in handy> well thats all. If anybody else has some cool tricks for me to try, please tell me <don't tell me some thing that's gonna be stupid>.
    Thats all, Joe 
Joe - 1/4/2001

"Old Dip" 1981 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 4bbl Automatic
Blue/Blue & Grey 2 Door Sport, 82,000 km.
Special Equipment - Dual exhaust with dual Thrush, rear spoiler, hood scoop, Edelbrock Pro Flo breather. chrome valve covers.  Soon to have Posi rear end and 4-speed manual tranny.
    Me and my friends went for a drive and they asked me to spin it and I left 166 feet of rubber.
Robbie Weagle - 12/15/2000

1985 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Red/White 4 Door, 85,000 mi.
My dippy would not die! I used to go to what my friends and I named the burnout road all the time and show up everybody. We used to go down this hill about 20 mph and then I would throw it in reverse, sit there smokin' em, whip it around and pop it into drive. I have been off roading with it, blew donuts in a creek and jumped railroad tracks and this bump in the road. All that ever happened was that the shock blew out and exhaust damage. Couldn't kill that darn car.
Craig - 11/26/2000

"The Beast" 1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Almond/Mink brown pearl coat, 4 Door Baseline, 200,000 km.
Special Equipment - I took a chronometer clock from a junked 82 New Yorker and put it in my 86 Fifth Avenue.
    I am 13 years old and my mom bought this car for me for $150 (Canadian) and it runs perfectly and looks OK except for some rust and holes on the trunk and front fenders.  I have a 1/4 mile long driveway and I drive this car up to meet the bus every morning. It always starts well, but doesn't idle too well on cold mornings.  When I turn 16 I plan on getting this car restored and rebuilt to be my daily driver.  I do all of the maintenance my self and plan to install a block heater and new brakes, belts, spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor. I have only one sort of stunt that is once I tried to take it into our fields, and it worked, but I had to spend about 15 minutes pulling grass off the driveshaft that had wrapped all around it in the field. I love the styling and performance of these cars (Diplomat, Caravelle, Fifth Avenue, Le Baron), and plan to buy this old 77 Le Baron, currently being used as a push car at the local Canadian tire. Thanks for making this great site!
Nick Boyko - 11/16/2000

"Shivvyeater" 1979 Chrysler LeBaron 360 V8 4bbl Heavy Duty Automatic
Lt. blue/Dk. blue 2 Door Medallion, 81,000 mi.
Special Equipment - Edelbrock performer RPM intake, Mopar Performance elec. ignition, Accel SS coil,850 Thermoquad carb, home made ram-air, and rear coil-over shocks.
    I bought this LeBaron for 50 bucks one week before it was to be junked. I had seen the car before and fell in love, never thinking it would ever be mine. It belonged to friends of a roommate where I used to live. On day the friend told me they were gonna junk it, so I offered 50 bucks and they surprisingly took it.  I put a carb and a battery in and drove it home. It has a smashed left front, but in a week I had it running perfect and totally driveable. and it even has T-tops. So far the only stunt has been blowin' the doors off some punk rich kid's new S-10. Oh, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one crazy enough to love those M-bodies.
Adam Mulanix - 11/15/2000

"Diplomatic Surprentice" 1987 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Blue/White 4 Door Salon
I was driving in the field on my farm when I realized that I was going about 85 kmh. This was not a good idea considering that I went down into a small dip in the field, I then realized that I had to come up again. The problem was that I did, the Diplomat got air. All four wheels went up and came down front wheels first. I drove home thinking I must have done something to it. Its incredible but nothing happened to it. The Diplomat survived making it one hell of a tough car.
Jeff Bower - 10/17/2000

"Dip" 1983 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 4bbl Automatic
Grey/Silver Police Pkg Salon, 523,465 km.
Special Equipment - Edelbrock 4bbl 
    It has left the ground a few times.
Burc Treimans - 9/22/2000

"Beast" 1985 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Navy Blue/Navy Blue 4 Door, 120,000 mi.
Special Equipment - accel coil, accel 8mm wires, Bosch plugs, GP Sorenson cap an rotor, k&n air filter, and a whole lot more to come (I'm very attached to this car)
    OK, here's just one little story about me an my car...I was at a friends wedding (congrats Jake!) and his uncle was talking about his privately owned dirt track, it was about 75 feet long, and about 50 wide with a flat spot on one end, down hill, and was muddy at the flat end. he made a few...shall we color...remarks about my beautiful beast, and was bragging about his 84 Monte, well, I had to let the beast save face, so I accepted his challenge to a race. after a few practice runs (it took him 30 minutes to get the frickin thing rollin) I was ready, I dropped her down into low, and let him have it, granted the Monte was fast, but I had my machine up to 50 mph, on a short track, in LOW gear. the Monte couldn't handle it, after about 20 laps, and me running him, the car literally exploded. Black white and blue smoke came pourin outta that thing. me, I drove mine home. he pushed his outta the field. Diplomat - 1 shivvy - 0 hehehe, that's just one of the !little things me an the Beast have done, its getting a horsepower boost, I'm getting rid of the scc (spark control computer) an droppin in a 360 and a 904 TorqueFlite tranny, full pos rear, Edlebrock intake and 600 cfm 4bbl carb. what fun!
Jeff "Jester" Payton - 9/12/2000

1986 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 2bbl Automatic
Tan/Gold 4 Door SE, 130,000 mi.
Last winter when the first snow hit I decided to have some fun and go driving in it! Well needless to say I entered a parking lot to turn around and it was so slippery I smashed the front pass. wheel into a curb. It was so bad out of alignment that it wore the new tire on that side to the cords in about 4 days! So the next week I took it to the garage to get it aligned and the guy there who had been doing alignments for like 30 years said it was the worst one he'd ever seen! It took over 3 hours to get it right. But no other damage was sustained.
Will DeClark - 6/27/2000

"El Diplo" 1984 Dodge Diplomat 318 V8 4bbl Automatic
Dk.Blue/Blue (spray painted...:) ) Police Pkg Salon, 115,898 mi.
Special Equipment - Dual Spotlights, 8 1/4 Sure Grip, Headlight wig-wags, Arrowstik, True dual exhaust.
    Right after it was painted blue I took it for a ride, & on the way home I noticed a turkey vulture "eating" in my lane, so instead of trying to get out of my way, it stared at me. I never slowed down & was going about 65mph. It attempted to fly up, but nailed the pass. side part of the windshield, & bent the antenna & broke off the wiper in the process. I happened to look in the rearview & saw it 
plop down in a ditch. Must've gone about 15 ft. in the air. Even though I didn't want to kill the stupid thing, I still laughed about it, except when it rains.....hehehee!!!
Mike 383 - 6/5/2000

"Stuka" 1981 Plymouth Caravelle 4 Door Baseline - 284,000 km.
Special Equipment - No major components...took out the AM radio, and put in a deck along with a couple 6x9s in the back tho.
    Well. Here I was, a green new driver, two weeks after getting my license. I've got a friend in my car, and two other friends are driving in another car. We're driving along some back roads (ie. barely any traffic on them). Yes we were speeding a bit, and down we come a small steep hill. Well out from a side road, comes a 1992 Chevy Corsica, with a middle-aged couple in it. The speed limit on the road is 50 and they're doing 40 or less! So naturally with my inexperience, I'm following them a bit too close. I proceed to flash my hi-beams once to "wake them up" :) and next thing I know, they SLAM on their brakes. I mean brake pedal to the floor type braking. I proceed to hit my brakes, and the tires lock up and slide along the wet road. BLAM into their car I go! After the initial surprise, shock, and the "oh my god, my parents are going to kill me" thoughts, I looks for damage. The ONLY thing their car did to mine was push in one side of my bumper slightly. (the bumper is connected to two pistons, one of which was pushed in and then proceeded to wedge itself in the in position.) Their car was smashed up real nice!  Rear-doors wouldn't open, trunk was all smashed 
up, over $5000 worth of damage. It's not really a stunt, I was following too close, they were dumb and slammed on their brakes...lets say I'm not as green as that any more! These Caravelles 
(Diplomats, etc) are STRONG cars and I love them! None of these plastic bumpers/frames like you see on new cars! M-Body forever!
Ryan Muntener

"Peggy Sue" 1983 Dodge Diplomat 4 Door Baseline - 163,000 mi.
    I broke a tie rod bolt lost control, hit a tree yesterday and totaled it.
Larry Lawrence - 2/24/2000
Larrys Lounge

"Battle Axe" 1988 Plymouth Caravelle 4 Door Salon - 220,000 km.
I was driving in a residential area a couple of years back and came upon a roundabout which I was familiar with. I proceeded to slow down and turn right because you always drive counter clockwise on a roundabout in north America. A red Honda Civic with two little old ladies came flying around the other side of the circle and their tiny car was perfectly blocked from my view by a parked car on the corner. I came around the parked car and this Civic comes out of nowhere. Completely surprised I slam on the brake but in my extreme surprise I slammed on the gas. Well, my Battle Axe nailed that Civic for all it was worth! I t-boned it and picked that Civic up and threw it a good 15 feet. Upon seeing the horrifying damage done to the Civic I became very worried that the Battle Axe would be in bad shape. I got out and the two old grannies seemed to be okay. The entire side of their car had been pushed in 1.5 feet from front to rear. The driver's side door was so pushed in that it was curled up and you could reach into the car from under the door. Well, the Battle Axe had some scratches on the plastic mould on the front bumper but that was all. The front bumper was not even pushed in at all! I had a good laugh at that. When I drove to the vehicle collision reporting center the grannies had already been there and the woman who takes pictures came out and asked me where my car was. I showed her and she was stunned at the lack of damage. She said their Civic was a write off. I love my Battle Axe. What I pay for in gas it makes up for in safety comfort and driving enjoyment.
Joe Cole
- 2/1/2000

"Hot Rod" 1986 Dodge Diplomat Police Pkg Salon - 79110 mi.
Special Equipment - Rear air shocks for the hot rod look. And a rear spoiler.
I was just cruzin around town one day and pulled up to a stop light and a guy in an old Mustang 5.0. I could hear the loud flowmasters and knew the guy had put quite a bit of money into his car. And I though I won't have a chance but what the hell...So when the light turned green I gave it all it had and left the guy sitting. He then tried to catch up but I was gone. And what really surprised me the most is it only has a 2bbl.
Tad - 1/24/2000

"El Diplo" 1984 Dodge Diplomat Police Pkg Salon - 111,654 mi.
Special Equipment - new Streethawk lightbar, standard police 318-4 BBL. Possibly ex-fire chief car
Just some of the things this car has survived. Mudbogging, jumping railroad tracks, broken windshield in 4 places, 15 Michigan winters. Recently (like 6 weeks ago), I was driving in Warren, MI.  I'm driving along, then I feel like the rear end just went over a huge speed bump. I find the place I was headed to, and stop.  I looked at the right rear tire, and noticed it was sticking out about 6 inches further than normal, then came the rear axle goop, like the Hoover dam breaking. Then I jacked it up, pulled off the tire, then the whole axle shaft came with it. To add insult to injury, when the car was flatbedded home, the jabroni tow truck donkey (who's a couple fries short of a happy meal) ripped the rear bumper off when he set it down.1 week ago I hit a dead deer, but 0 wrong, still goin' strong.
Mike Omell - 12/19/1999

"The Dip" 1986 Dodge Diplomat SE
My Dad was driving the Dip on the interstate behind a pickup with the bed loaded with furniture.  You guessed it. A nice wooden chair, like one you would have at your dining room table, tumbled out of the bed and right in front of the car. Impact speed was around 65 MPH.  Splintered the chair into pieces, knocking most of it into the median and ditch.  Didn't even put a scratch on the car.

"WarHammer" 1987 Dodge Diplomat Salon Police Package
It's not really a big stunt but recently I had to move my 38 Plymouth from my ex's to my place.  Since the cost of renting a truck and car trailer was about the same as buying a hitch and renting a $25/day trailer I went the hitch route.   I loaded up the 38 onto the trailer and proceeded to drive the 8 miles to my place.    When I tow I stay in the right lane and try to be mellow about it.  At a stop light some Camaro pulls up and we chat about old cars.  Light turns green and I spun the tires for a bit getting across. As it turns out I ended up just driving like I normally do, this means I usually get across the intersection before anyone else.    What surprised me is that I could do that towing a monster trailer and a 38 Plymouth.  I know I exceeded my GVWR by a few multiples.

"Farley" 1979 Dodge Diplomat Sedan
One day in 1991 I was at a friend's house during a thunderstorm in Tacoma, Washington.  The power went out, and we went outside to watch the storm.  In the distance I saw a bright blue flash come from the ground near where I knew a power substation was located.  This is relevant because my father works for Tacoma Power as a Substation Operator.  Knowing he was on duty in that district, I knew he might be headed that way, and I wanted to catch up with him and spend the duration of the storm with him in the city van and follow the events of the evening.  I jumped into Farley and took off like a shot, way too fast.  Headed up the deserted Orchard Street, which is posted 40 MPH, at about 75 MPH.  All of the street lights were out, there was a very high wind and light rain.  I was being pretty stupid, overdriving the headlights in the worst way.  Then I saw the tree in the road, and I had enough time to lock up the brakes and then realize that might not be the best way to hit the tree.  I let go of the pedal right before I hit the tree, still going about 65 MPH.   KA-LUNKLUNK!   The tree was about 18" across at the point I hit, thankfully without any branches at the point of connection.  I probably didn't fly very far, but it felt like serious air time.  Any other car would have been gutted like a fish, but the only lasting effect was seriously confused alignment, which was later corrected.  One of those catastrophe moments that either kill you or make you a better driver.
Around 1992, in Tacoma I was with my friend Pete Kost when we heard on the fire radio about a major accident over across the Narrows Bridge.   We took off and headed for the Bridge up Highway 16.  It was reportedly supposed to be right on the other side of the bridge, but since we didn't see it right away, we thought maybe it was on one of the side roads adjacent to the bridge.  We exited and inadvertently ended up on the on-ramp and headed back across the bridge.  We didn't want to have to cross all the way over to Tacoma and back, so, being young and stupid, I decided to try to turn around on this divided highway.  I pulled to the shoulder and waited until there was no traffic behind us.   When it was clear, I used my left side mirror to follow the shoulder paint line and backed up at about 20 MPH, trying to get to a good point for crossing the center curb.  Pete looked out his window and noted that the gravel and the paint line were coming together instead of staying shoulder width.   He said "Uh, Frank..." but by that time Farley had gone backwards over the side of the embankment, and was now buried axle deep in loose gravel at about a 35 degree slope off the road.  Oops.  So Pete got on the CB and started calling for someone with a winch or tow cable to pull us out.  It took a while, and in the meantime Pete got a sinking sailboat on the radio with problems of its own that couldn't seem to reach anyone else.  So Pete gets the location of the boat, and then runs a half mile to the first emergency phone on the bridge to call out a Tacoma Fireboat for them.  They were eventually saved, we were still stuck.  During this time an ambulance came flying by on its way to the second accident, and caught glimpse of Farley's bumper sticking up from the embankment.   They screeched to a halt and were about to back up when I waved them off.   Finally we got a half-buzzed partier in Tacoma to bring his 4x4 over and he pulled us out of the hole.  We drove to the pull-off before the bridge to get the rocks out of the hubcaps when along came a Washington Trooper who'd been informed of strange goings-on by the bridge.  I told him the whole truth and admitted my foolishness.  He agreed, and then let me go with a warning, which I richly deserved.
In 1990 Farley's brake master cylinder developed problems, so I turned it over to my high school autoshop teacher to have one of his trusted students look at it.  I expressly told him that the brakes were totally gone, pumping did not help, you had to use the E-brake.  So he had a trusted student go to pull the car in, and that student got side-tracked and asked someone else to pull it in without explaining the problem.  I had the luck of walking into the shop beginning third hour just as the car was coming through the door.  Like a typical 17 year old, he jams the accelerator too much to climb the lift arms, and then gets a little (actually, a lot) alarmed when the car won't stop.  He dodged a group of desks and another car on jack-stands before slamming into a concrete staircase.  Farley took the staircase's steel railing in the front bumper, and rode the rail about 3' into the air.  This was a very hard thing to watch.  However, in the end after the panic had settled, the final score was Farley-1, stairs-0.  The iron railing was ripped, bolts and all, out of the staircase, with concrete chunks tagging along.  Farley had a few medium size scratches in the rubber molding on the front bumper and a cracked turn signal lens.



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