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This kid in Fairbury, Nebraska bought my 85 Dip for $2000. A month ago, he put 5000 miles on it he said all he could get out of her was 110mph, made the rod knock, rebuilt the tranny, sold the wheels off it.  He drives some rusted down 87 Dip cop car he bought for $100 down here to Grand Island, Nebraska just to tell me that and he junked the car I sold him. just thought I'd let you know my M-body was clean; no dents, no bondo, everything was great.  I got my money for it but I'd thought I'd let you know. I think he is lying but God knows.
From Copman4

Mike Taylor writes: For our area (Nepean, Ontario) this 1979 Plymouth Caravelle had a relatively long life. It belonged to friends of ours from 1989 until I bought it in April '99 for parts when the frame rotted out.  Today the car is gone, although quite a bit of its remains will live on. The rims are now on my '84 5th Ave, the 360 in the '88, and all the other parts that can be used in a Fifth Avenue are in storage for future use.
From Mike's Chrysler Fifth Avenue Page
mem15.gif (20200 bytes) 1985-1998
This 1985 Diplomat was at least the second "M" body to go out in a blaze of glory with Professor Darling at the helm.  Many more images of this car, named "U.S.S. Voyager", can be seen by following the link below.  Also, see a "before" picture on Diplomats 16.
From Professor Darling's Home Page
mem05.gif (69518 bytes) 1979-1998
This 1979 LeBaron survived its first demo derby, but died gloriously in battle during an encore appearance one year later, as shown in this image.  Many more images of this car, named "U.S.S. Defiance", can be seen by following the link below.
From Professor Darling's Home Page
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A 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue was destroyed when a 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis lost control, became airborne, and landed on it.  There were several serious, but non-life threatening injuries.
From NJ Firefighters Online
mem16.jpg (31873 bytes) 1986-1997
Eric Roy writes:  The info on this car is (was) it was a 1986 Diplomat, wrecked on October 28th, 1997, the impact crunched in the side passenger front fender and door, cracked the panel under the dash on the passenger side, and broke the front axle. I was sideswiped by a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder. I gave the car away to a friend who informed me that he fixed it up (grill, hood, door, fender, axle and all) with a 1987 5th Ave front end that he picked up at a junkyard for $450. I could have hit him for telling me that. I would have fixed the car myself. I still see it around town, it must have over 300,000 km's on it by now because it had 287,000 on it at the time of the accident in October of '97.
From Eric Roy
mem02.jpg (30205 bytes) 1987-1996(?)
William Moore writes: Here is a picture of my old Dodge Diplomat (an 87, I believe). I wrecked it a few years ago.  I ran into a van that disregarded a stop sign.
From Decapatron's Realm
mem01.jpg (22672 bytes) 1979-1995
1979 Dodge Diplomat. E-58 360, 727A, factory tranny cooler, factory power steering cooler. She passed on in 1995 at the hands of a felonious GM product. She will be sadly missed by her long time lover Greg Haza of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Organs will be donated to a worthy recipient.
From Greg Haza
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mem07.jpg (27250 bytes)
Another 1979 LeBaron lost in battle at the hands of a demo derby.  Named "The Red Cross LeBaron", it placed fourth in its heat against mostly larger cars.
From OZZY's
mem08.gif (27492 bytes) 1989-(?)
Not very many details were available on the demo derby demise of this 1989 Gran Fury.
From Mark Helmlinger's Dragon's Lair
mem19.jpg (54921 bytes) From Tad Dampf
mem09.jpg (21387 bytes) From Kevin 440's Home Page
mem10.jpg (105624 bytes) From Tom Adams
mem11.jpg (53560 bytes) From Miami Dade Police Dept.
mem12.gif (78373 bytes) From Eddie's Demolition Derby Homepage
mem13.jpg (15959 bytes)
mem14.jpg (14263 bytes)
From Eddie's Demolition Derby Homepage
mem20.jpg (126852 bytes) This car is at the U-Pull junk yard located in Rosemount Minnesota

Jim Houlehan

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Chris DiNunzio writes in regarding these photos I received from Ryo Death, concerning a car they found in a kind of automotive graveyard:

My dad and myself were up in that car graveyard recently.  He was telling me about this and that. When I saw that maroon station wagon, I didn't think much of it till I saw the Diplomat logo on the side of it. I thought it was so neat. We finally got the hood open... no radiator :( or battery someone stripped this car good before it came to a rest. One of these days soon we'll haul a battery up there and hot wire her. And see if I can at least get the dome light to light up.. If I can turn over that huge Chrysler v8 but the crankshaft is most likely rusted in there good and solid and the carburetor is probably so oxidized that it will never turn over but I'll try. Its a shame that someone smashed all the windows except for the passenger side ones or it might have been worth restoring, but the brake calipers are rusted solid and... wow that would cost so much just to get that car moving again but someday if I get the cash to do it believe me I will, and I'll be sure to send you before and after pictures... me driving an old maroon wood grain station wagon... yeah! I honestly don't know why you would want to hear any of this but oh well. It gives me something to do plus in just repairing Ryan's 88' Diplomat I've learned so much about cars, up till now I've been somewhat of a computer nerd but my gifts also expand in to almost anything mechanical God has truly blessed me with this ability to learn of cars and computers, it is so rarely that you find many self proclaiming Christians on the internet. Until I get my license and a car (Diplomat?) of my own I am quite content working on Ryan's.

From Ryo Death

mem26.jpg (40543 bytes)
mem27.jpg (33006 bytes)
Kevin found this police Diplomat in a junkyard in Canada.
mem28.jpg (137900 bytes) It is hoped that this Diplomat was not totaled out, but whoever took out the driver's door out on this Miami FL squad was not pulling any punches.

Dodge Diplomat
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