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Non Stock M Bodies


Sooner or later someone with a good welding hand or saws-all fetish gets hold of every kind of car.  This page is devoted to M body cars that are exceptionally non-stock.

ns01.jpg (92098 bytes) A Chrysler Fifth Avenue truck?  Someone wanted a luxury El Camino, I guess.
ns02.jpg (171489 bytes) A Chrysler attempt at new technologies prompted the creation of this turbine-powered car developed from a still-recognizable 1977 Chrysler LeBaron 2 door.
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Jeff Rankin writes about his Fifth Avenue with a grafted-on roof and rear window parts from a Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Caravelle:

At long last, I finally got the pics of my "Fifth-lomat" developed. Here they are and I look forward to seeing them on one of the best Mopar pages in existence.

The rear window came from a Caravelle of unknown vintage, and the interior trim & high mount brake light came from an '85 Diplomat at a wrecking yard here in London. When I was pulling the trim from the '85, I noticed that it was purchased from the same dealer as mine........250 miles away!

Problems with the install were few, but it took A LOT more time than I thought to do the body work after the window was in. To remove the rotten old vinyl and trim took about 4 hours, 1/2 hour to install the new window and about 25 more hours of body work to fill about 30 .250" diameter holes (used for holding the 5A trim in place). Half of these holes are in the roof, so if you're planning on doing this swap, plan on removing the headliner to properly fill/weld these holes. Also, if I ever do this again, I'll get some Butyl Tape and install the window myself. The shop I took it to charged me $70 CDN and I had to still had to fix the leak myself. After all is said and done though, it's a heckuvalot cheaper than having the vinyl replaced by a trim shop.

rear window & exterior trim $30, interior trim $20, window install $70, total cost $120 CDN

From Jeff Rankin

ns06.jpg (54757 bytes) A Chrysler Fifth Avenue Limousine
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One of the more noteworthy Diplomats modified from stock equipment, this fully-functional off-road 4x4 Diplomat is actually for sale (at the time of this posting).  There were so many good pictures worth posting, I had to set them up as two columns!

The third photo down in the first column: That person is 6' tall.

The second-to-last photo in the second column is a scream.

The current owner, Lisa, writes:

It's currently just taking up space. It's just one of those cars, either you love it or you hate it. And my favorite part is the look on peoples faces when they find out it belongs to a girl. :)  I have others too. [Lisa’s web site has gone off-line.]

Dodge Diplomat
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