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Eric Plosky ([email protected], January 19, 1996
1987 Dodge Diplomat, heavy-duty police version, with 117,000 miles
A great car! "Mid-sized" and dependable, it handles wonderfully in all the disgusting snow and ice we've had so far this year -- and that's with bald tires! The mileage is a bit on the "environmentally hazardous" side, and only three lines on the rear defroster ever come on, but it's a great car: fast, agile, and absolutely fun to drive.

Andy Ihnatko ([email protected],, and special Gran Fury page at January 19, 1996
1982 Plymouth Gran Fury, with 111,000 miles
A damned fine mode of transportation whose caved-in front fender sends the clear message "You can challenge me for that parking spot, sir, but rest assured it'll be the most expensive parking spot you'll ever win." It stalls occasionally, refuses to start on rare occasion, and the window crank on the driver's door has to double as a door handle, but I refuse to buy another car until I get out of the Fury, slam the door, and it collapses into its component molecules, like The Bluesmobile near the end of THE BLUES BROTHERS.
Some of Andy's hints and tips for Gran Fury maintenance can be found in Eric's Diplomat Library.

Dusan Lexa ([email protected]) January 23, 1996
1983 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue Edition, with 172,000 miles
I came from Europe in 1992 to work on my PhD and this is my first and only American car. I bought it right after I came here with 134,000 miles on it. The only problem I experienced in almost four years was a dead "electronic spark control module" and a few minor things. Otherwise, this car is No. 1 for me. Comfortable (leather interior), loaded (power everything), reliable. The only bad thing about it is the consumption. 10 - 15 mpg city, 20 - 25 mpg highway, which actually is not that bad. Everybody around me is driving small "cars" but I wouldn't sell my Chrysler for anything. I'll wait until it has at least 200,000 miles. The comfort of this car is unparalleled.

G. S. Campbell ([email protected]) February 5, 1996
1977 Dodge Diplomat, with 163,000 miles
It's pretty quick for a big car, a 318, modified with a 4 bbl. Carter carb., but the point isn't what you can outrun, but what you can run over.

Werner Scott ([email protected]) February 19, 1996
1983 Caravelle, with 125,000 miles
Solid construction with just a little rust at the bottom of front fenders. I like the boxed in design of the rear fenders immediately behind the wheels. The metal appears to be galvanized in this area. It has some problems (freon leaked out of the air conditioner and the heater takes longer to warm up then a year ago despite new anti-freeze, back flushing, thermostat, etc.). The 318 V-8 starts very well in our severe Canadian winters, which includes a few occasions when I forget to plug in the block heater. Do it yourself repairs are relatively easy (as they appear to be on most Dodges). I would have preferred a slant-six without air but this was an auto auction purchase. Previous car was a Valiant which was similar in some respects but better gas mileage.

James Vida ([email protected]) February 19, 1996
1984 Fifth Avenue, with 100,000 miles
This is one helluva car, especially after driving a Toyota for 3 years. My friends make fun of its size, but I'm the one that's laughing when I watch them wedge themselves into their Geo Metros or whatever the hell it is they drive. It looks great, and can really move when it wants to. I can't help but feel superior to those in lesser cars.

Alan Sease ([email protected]) February 26, 1996
1987 Dodge Diplomat, heavy-duty police version, with 140,000 miles
Our Diplomat has hauled my family of four around reliably for the past two years. Diplomats are still in use in our area and because our car still has its police-issued spotlights, it attracts a lot of attention. My wife especially loves terrorizing Bimmers.

Russ Perry ([email protected]) February 28, 1996
1979 Dodge Diplomat wagon, with 138,000 miles
A lovely shade of dark brown with faded wood grain sides. This car was originally purchased by my mother in December '79. It's never been hit and was rust proofed within an inch of its life when new. Alas, it now has no reverse and I must repair it.
Some of Russ's observations about his '79 Diplomat wagon can be found in Eric's Diplomat Library.

Evan Smith ([email protected]) February 28, 1996
1985 Dodge Diplomat, heavy-duty police version, with 164,000 miles
I have had the car for about 2 years. No major mechanical problems. My Dip has the 318 4bbl heavy duty police V-8 with optional 4 speed automatic overdrive. It has several dings and dents (which will be repaired!). Also, I reinstalled the dual spotlights from its police days. The power locks don't work, neither does the air conditioning or rear defogger -- no horns or electric trunk release either! It has started every day in the Minnesota winter. This is without a doubt THE BEST car I have owned!

Bret Knol ([email protected]) March 5, 1996
1984 Dodge Diplomat, heavy-duty police version, with 133,000 miles
Most reliable car I have ever had. Always starts, always goes. There is a small problem with the rear brakes, so sometimes it goes far better than it stops. The parking brake hasn't worked for 2 years, but who needs it?

Geoffrey Paulsen ([email protected]) March 6, 1996
1986 (1987?) Dodge Diplomat, unknown mileage
I love my Diplomat! All my friends talk about it!

Steve M. Knickerbocker ([email protected]) March 7, 1996
1987 Dodge Diplomat, with 100,914 miles
I love this car, it has yet to fail me. Only thing I need is more power! To this end I'll be pulling out the 318 2bbl and slipping in a '73 360 4bbl. Rear disc brakes are on the list too. Oh yeah, gotta fix the leak in the AC too. Great car!

Franco Bevilacqua ([email protected]) March 11, 1996
1980 Dodge Diplomat HT (GH22), with 160,000 miles
I love it and would not change it! It is clean and painted plum crazy. By the way, nice page! I never would have thought a page like this one existed. I guess I am not the only one who likes Diplomats. I turned this car into a real street terror! I transplanted all the important heavy-duty police components from a 1987 police-pack donor car and installed a 360/360 crate engine to top it all off. The car really pulls strong and handles well due to the police suspension. The car is painted plum crazy and is a real looker; sorry guys, but a 2-door Dippy in my opinion is much better looking than a 4-door... Let's say I combined the best of both worlds -- the looks and performance. I did not take the car to the drag strip yet but I estimate 1/4 mile times in the high elevens.

Victor I. Dumeng Sr. ([email protected]) March 13, 1996
1978 Dodge Diplomat (coupe), with 159,000 miles
I purchased this car for $1,000 in Sept. '95 as a second car to just get around. It is maroon with a white interior. It now has over 159,000 miles, if not 259,000. The body is miraculously rust-free except for the rear wheel well on the driver's side. It has all original equipment, a leather interior and power everything!! Since driving it, no one cuts me off in their precious BMWs, Mazdas, etc. It has a 318 with a 2bbl carb. It lacks that get up and go but once it's on the road she can cruise at almost 100 MPH without having the pedal mashed to the floor!! My lovely wife likes our new 'battle cruiser' so much she actually wants me to restore it to its original glory, with a few minor upgrades, of course, like an Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 4150 750cfm, MP Electronic ignition, Hooker Headers, PST Suspension, MP camshaft, TRW Pistons, and maybe, just maybe, budget allowing, a pair of fuzzy dice. Like some other folks, the horn just stopped working, and the directional handle does not stay up anymore. The best thing about this car is that it starts up ALL THE TIME!! I don't think I will ever give it up. Well ... maybe for a '69 Charger w/440.

Albert Rodi ([email protected]) March 13, 1996
1982 Dodge Mirada, with 125,300 miles
This white Mirada has been in our family since it was new, and is still a joy to drive! It has the CMX package, which included a cloth roof, white bucket seats, and a console. I expect to keep it for years to come!

James M. Wright ([email protected]) March 20, 1996
1988 Dodge Diplomat, with 63,000 miles
It's a great car. I bought it from someone who had imported it from Florida. It always starts and runs well. Had some problems with the brakes, and replaced the power steering pump, but it is virtually rust free, although the paint is peeling on the trunk, and faded on the rear quarters. With this mileage and lack of rust, I should be driving this American Classic for quite a while.

Francis T. Duschl ([email protected]) March 21, 1996
1984 Dodge Diplomat SE, with 89,525 miles
This Diplomat has to be one of the cleanest ones around for its year. It is in excellent shape not being driven during the winter for the last eight years and literally no rust. It was under-coated and then checked at the proper intervals. It is the midnight blue with the dark blue interior (velour) 60-40 split bench and a lot of extras. I start it up about every month while it is in storage and run it for at least 15 minutes, start up the A/C and put it into all the gears to check it out. It really is a super car.

Jsn Arni Arnason ([email protected]) April 4, 1996
1985 Dodge Diplomat, with 122,000 miles

Per Garvaag ([email protected]) April 21, 1996
1980 Dodge Diplomat wagon, with 400,000 miles
The car has been a taxi in Oslo for 6 years, and 300,000 miles. The original engine was a 225, but I have [replaced it with] a 318... I have also welded in a new floor from the gas pedal to the rear bomber. New floor mats and roof. Some new wood sides. It is a very fine car to drive. Before this I had a '77 Aspen. Thanks for a very interesting site. Very best from a Dodge enthusiast.

Eric Toll ([email protected]) May 4, 1996
1988 Dodge Diplomat (police package), with 100,054 miles
I like it. Mine has an oil cooler, transmission cooler, 5 core radiator, TorqueFlite 727 with a 383 rear end. Nice Rochester quadrajet on top of a 318 block. All factory equipment. It also has A/C and power seats, windows, locks, and a power trunk. I run Goodyear sticky F-32's 225/70-15 (S-rated). I pound the crap out of it daily, but I take good care of the motor. I change the oil every 2 months, and keep everything near perfect. It will do about 117. Yes, 117; I know this because the Dodge Diplomat police package has a certified speed-o which goes up to 125 mph.

Rob Baxter ([email protected], May 7, 1996
1988 Dodge Diplomat, with 148,000 miles
Two years ago, I purchased the car and it was in rough shape. Over the past few years a lot has happened: A paint job, a set of rims, a 360 done to the hilt -- but I never had a chance to get a Dana rear end?!? The color I chose was Ultra Marine Metallic Blue (regrettably a Chevrolet color). And the turbine rims make the car carry the name "the Captain Lou" after its father, the General Lee.

Troy Elseth ([email protected]) June 9, 1996
1980 Dodge Diplomat (coupe), with 280,000 miles
My beast is an awesome car. My brother made some modifications on it while he owned it. A sunroof, classic rims, jacked it up in the back with leaf springs, and painted it. I wish I had enough money to replace the 225 slant 6 with a 351 or something.

Douglas Archer ([email protected]) June 20, 1996
1989 Dodge Diplomat (police package), with 80,000 miles
It is a detective's car. Has no teardrops or light bar. Has Plain Jane look in brown metal-flake finish with chrome bumpers and moldings. Has most of the options, like an air-bag [Actually, a driver's side air-bag was standard equipment in '89, making the Diplomat a rarity -- a car with an air bag and a tilt steering wheel], with the exception of cruise control.



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