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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 96 23:50:48 EDT
From: Steve.knickerbocker
To: plosky
Subject: *** DIPLOMAT -- FORUM! ***

To answer some of the questions raised here in the forum.

To Richard Currit: Sounds as if your carb needs a rebuild. Factory service manuals should still be available from any Dealer or you can call the 800 number, which I don't have but the Dealer should.

To Werner Scott: All your requests are available in one shape or another. FI is easiest done using a Holley Projection unit. Rear Discs from a 74 Imperial will bolt right up but they are rare. Wilwood and MP (MoPar Performance) have rear disc kits but are expensive. Non R12 freon is a possibility but you would need to replace, flush, and or clean out the entire system and performance would be less than optimal. There are several drop-in replacements on the market, R-406A comes to mind and their is a 'net page on it somewheres.

To any M bodies fan: If you want the definitive repair manual for your car, invest in the factory service manual. It will be well worth the cost.


Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 17:53:46 -0300
From: wrighjam (JAMES M WRIGHT)
Reply-To: wrighjam (JAMES M WRIGHT)
Comment: UNITE Project N.B. Education N.-B.
To: plosky
Subject: ***Diplomat Forum***

Love the updated web page. Glad to see kindred spirits that like " Real North American Cars" The only thing that troubles me- Gas mileage. I am just curious what other people get. I live in a rural area, and get between 14 mpg and 21 mpg. What are other people getting? Any tips on how to improve it?? I don't mind that much. I didn't pay a whole lot for this reliable form of transportation, so I "make my car payments at the gas pump". Also-Has anyone had problems with excessive play in the steering box? How much can one adjust before you have to replace the darn thing???

James Wright,
Centreville, New Brunswick,
[email protected]

Date: Thu, 16 May 96 10:59:50 EDT
To: plosky
Subject: *** DIPLOMAT -- FORUM! ***

Forum Info: I own a 1984 Diplomat with a 318 and thermoquad carb. It was once a Puyallap Tribal Police car. I have been unable to find a repair manual of any sort for this thing and currently it doesn't run worth squat. Poor mileage, no power and it dies out if you stand on the throttle. (Corners like a dream tho!!!) If anybody has any idea where I could get a repair manual or even give me the timing setting, tune up specs or the like I would be very Grateful. Thanks, Richard

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 96 14:13:44 EDT
From: vogtpatr
To: plosky
Subject: *** DIPLOMAT -- FORUM! ***

Name: Werner Scott
Forum Info: Judging by the comments on this forum the M-body is a very popular car all round. It's too bad that the auto companies keep dropping or changing models just about the time they get things right. Anyway... why not a campaign to get Chrysler to start making these things again or at least providing some kind of factory based upgrade? Let's see ... fuel injection for the 318 and the slant-six, all disc brakes, non-freon air-conditioning, etc.. Actually I would like the idea of a heavy front drive from Chrysler similar in general approach to some of the old GM efforts in this area but stronger and simpler, ie. a twenty-year car. What do other people think about all this?

W. Scott
Regina, Saskatchewan

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 96 07:53:16 EST
From: mrmopar
To: plosky
Subject: *** DIPLOMAT -- FORUM! ***

Name: Rick Ehrenberg
Forum Info: The single best and easiest handling improvement you can make to these cars is the installation of the cast-iron K-member "isolators." These were about to be discontinued, but I twisted Mopar Performance's arm, and they are now in the catalog. Not only do they provide a solid base for the steering and suspension to work from, But they tie together the two stub-frame "prongs" into a MUCH more rigid assembly. If anybody's interested, I'll provide a slick tip to ease the installation.

Rick E. / Mopar Action Mag.

Date: Sun, 3 Mar 1996 12:56:30 -0500
From: Edog77
To: plosky
Subject: *** DIPLOMAT -- FORUM! ***

I am a Mopar police car addict, especially with Diplomats. Prior to 1981, I believe Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth used the A38 designation for police packages. That included bigger brakes, stiffer suspension, larger tires and steel wheels, extra welding and frame reinforcement, larger radiator, water pump and extra bladed fan, plus the choice of police duty engine, and interior trim.

Then in the 80's they changed it to the AHB package, essentially all the same stuff. The fender I.D. tag is located on the top of the left hand inner fender. It's held in place by two screws. On the plate is all of the body, trim, paint color, style and manufacturing info. If anyone wants to know if they have a true police car, they should look for the AHB designation, I think it's in the second or third line of code. A38 was dropped after 1981, it was used on the Diplomat/Fury for the those models with the pursuit six cylinder. AHB might possibly stand for advanced handling/braking, but I'm not sure yet.

I'm always researching these great cars, and learning new stuff every day. If you ever want to set up some way for people to decode their V.I.N.'s I will send you all the info I have.

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