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1979 Dodge Diplomat brochure

Almost all inside pages of this brochure have illustrations that span both pages.  Unfortunately this breaks up some of the pictures as they were scanned individually.  Thumbnails have been placed side-by-side as appropriate.

79bro01.jpg (3103853 bytes) Cover
79bro02.jpg (2870761 bytes)79bro03.jpg (2776236 bytes) Introduction, split view of 4-door interior, 4-door exterior roof vinyl roof view, see-through trunk capacity view.
79bro04.jpg (2772829 bytes)79bro05.jpg (2722367 bytes) Medallion 2 door Sport description, exterior view, front seat image.
79bro06.jpg (2589201 bytes)79bro07.jpg (3024456 bytes) Medallion 4-door description, exterior view, front and back seats image, dashboard image.
79bro08.jpg (2963694 bytes)79bro09.jpg (2774580 bytes) Diplomat Salon description, 2- and 4-door exterior views, front seat images.
79bro10.jpg (2585255 bytes)79bro11.jpg (2945807 bytes) Basic Diplomat description, 2- and 4-door exterior views, front seat images.
79bro12.jpg (2834560 bytes)79bro13.jpg (2915231 bytes) Diplomat Wagon description, exterior view, open hatch view, front seat images.
79bro14.jpg (3393439 bytes) Montage of features and list of options.
79bro15.jpg (3108116 bytes) Diplomat order form.
79bro16.jpg (2058386 bytes) List of standard equipment and paint chips.




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Dodge Diplomat
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