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Monday 12/14/1998 9:27:53pm
Name: Joe Biedron
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Fox Lake, Ill.

Farley, this is the best site on the net, as soon as I found it I loaded it into my favorites file. Even though it seems to be exclusivly for Diplomats, I think it`s the best thing since sliced bread. Anyway, I have a 1988 Plymouth Gran Fury salon, with the high performance 318-4barrel, and sure-grip rear end. It was a lake county police car (detective`s) and I have original factory papers to prove it. My sister bought it form rochenbach chevy 2 years ago after her honda died, when I first saw it, it looked pretty sad. The drivers side of the front end was smashed, and the rust, dents (nice rubber floor!) and scratches made it look like a real junker that was ready for demo derby, but after I had witnessed the furys` fury on the toll way it had found a place in my heart. But last year my sister had decided to get rid of it one day, and I was devastated, but when I got home from a weekend trip to Wisconson there it was sitting in the driveway, and my mom handed me the keys. Since then I cleared a space in my garage, and stripped down the fury for a total restoration, I have put in a new stering gear and ps pump, new front clip, and have taken care of the rust. I plan to clean and paint all underhood components, and put on chrome valve covers and a air cleaner. Over the past year I have accquired the chrome engine stuff, carpet, a bose stero system from a cadillac (speakers fit perfect, radio does not),chrome wheels, and a deal for a cheap, but professional paint job. When I tell people this they say how old are you? You see I just started high school and I have 2 years til the day of freedom with the fury. So I have plenty of time to work on it. Once I figure out how to use a scanner or digital camera I`ll send you some pictures. I`d love to stay and tell stories of the fury, but I`ve got an algebra test tommrow.

Fury Fan
(dippys too)

Monday 12/14/1998 7:26:34pm
Name: Tim Adams
Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Flipped back in to check out your page...Had sent you a photo of 1989 Dipper and was courious to see if it had been posted in the photo see 'um...when do you update...later...Tim

Friday 12/11/1998 10:52:21am
Name: Robert Riehm
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: MN

Awesome page! My friend has a 84 SE, and it has been hit head on by a truck 1and half times it's size, and the thing kept on running! All that was damaged was thee grill and bumper!

Tuesday 12/08/1998 6:58:40pm
Name: jeremy
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: louisiana

great site lot's of good pictures Can the dip's in thedip heaven picture be purchased or bought for parts?

anyone with a for sale 80's salon email me please

Saturday 12/05/1998 4:29:36pm
Name: Micah French
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Lima, Oh

Enjoyed your page. Proud owner of a 79 LeBaron will register her later.

Wednesday 12/02/1998 5:03:43pm
Name: Tom Adams
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: Eastpointe, Michigan

Let me be the first to sign the new guestbook for Farley's Dodge Diplomat. If you like Mopars, especially of the M-body style, then Farley's page is the place to be! Stop on in on the Forum page a make a few friends and learn a thing or two, maybe teach us something. You'll be glad you did.

Date: 1999-06-18 00:23:00
The Midnight Runner ( / none) wrote:

I would like it you would compare the grille of the '80 Fairmount and a 1983 Plymouth reliant I 5think you would be surprised!!!!
p.s. I'm a major Mopar fan so don't confuse me with some ford idiot!!!

Date: 1999-05-11 17:41:00
Tommy Eide ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great! I love info about my car "Dodgie" witch is a Dodge Diplomat 1979 Stationwagon,with the 318-lean burn Engine. Me and my Girlfriend, we live in norway, & we Love this car...
I said I should sell it once, but she almost killed me... ha,ha,ha! What a Great Car.
I Wonder if any could get me the sales brocure for a -79...??? maybe you could scan it in so ot

Date: 1999-02-02 04:27:00
Dennis L. Kerley III ( / wrote:

Love your Diplomat page. I Have been searching for a year for the right 2 door diplomat or lebaron between 1977-1979 and I believe I have found it and will be purchasing it, in the next two weeks. It is going to become a one of a kind hot rod!!!

Date: 1998-12-04 19:04:00
Michael Barletta ( / no homepage) wrote:

I drive and race a '68 Hemi GTX. I also spend alot of time on my '85 Police Pkg. Until now I thought I was alone in my quest for the most powerful, best handleing and best braking daily driver around. This is truly AWSEOME!!

Date: 1998-11-25 00:36:00
Ken Morgan wrote:
Hey there!
I own the domain name ""
I was going to use it myself as my personal domain, but changed my mind. If you would like to buy it from me you can for my set up costs plus $100. Total $300.
Let me know.
Ken Morgan

Date: 1998-11-17 18:40:00
Jose Lorza wrote:
Really cool page, is Farley in running condition right now?

Date: 1998-11-17 10:09:00
RAUL NINO ( PANINARO1978--at--YAHOO.COM / no homepage) wrote:


Date: 1998-11-03 04:47:00
Tony McLean ( / wrote:

Need tech help re: running rich. Car is '89 AHB Police Package Diplomat with 318 4 bbl (Rochester Quadrajet). Computer kaka? Carb? Stepper valve? Need your help! Thanks in advance

Date: 1998-10-25 20:41:00
Sailor Saturn ( / wrote:

Great page with a beautiful design! I'll be back! =)

Date: 1998-10-25 02:53:00
Shane ( / no homepage) wrote:

KC Motor Vehicle Sales
Kansas City, Mo
We sell dip's and Gran fury police packages..
E-mail or call 660-436-4017

Date: 1998-10-09 18:21:00
matt vail ( moparmatt_--at-- / no homepage) wrote:

Excellent page! Great to see support for the almighty M-body. I like the Forum, as well as the links to other Chrysler-related sites. Need all the help I can to keep Madeline (my 86 Diplomat) on the road!

Date: 1998-10-09 00:46:00
Adam Taylor ( / wrote:

I like the additions and redesign. Makes the site look a lot better. Any idea when Farley will be back?

Date: 1998-10-05 05:41:00
Jon ( / wrote:


Date: 1998-09-29 23:20:00
John Cloward ( / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to let you know of the admiration that we have for your page showing the love between a man and his beloved car. We ran accross your site by pure accident while seaching for pictures of Dodge trucks. We were debating over the new body style and needed a frame of reference. All here in the office have had the chance to admire and comment on your page. We like it!

Date: 1998-09-27 06:38:00
paul fosen ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

neat page. nice to find others with good taste in cars. i have owned three squads an 82 85 & 86 the later two which i still own. take care

Date: 1998-09-20 10:09:00
Dad ( / no homepage) wrote:

(Looking at this from the computer at home.) The monitor at TCL is a lot better than mine. You have a really NEAT web page collection, young son. I continue to be in awe of your creative talents!
Love, Dad

Date: 1998-09-01 06:42:00
Jon T. Lund ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Frank, and of course Farley:
Just wanted to tell you what a kick my folks and I got out of your page. Its touching, (or a relief?) to know there are other people out there who get so attatched to their cars. We have a 84 chrysler 5th ave, which we like very much ("The Black Stallion" after my mothers' like of things equine.) Still, despite its age it looks posh and dignified. My new significant other, a 57 Plymouth named "Joann" says to say hi to farley, her cousins were in law enforcement too (four doors, gotta love em!)
Anyway, Your page brought a smile to our faces! what a novel idea. (and deserved,too the F,J, and M bodies were/are fantastic cars)And don't ever let anyone tell you that a car can't be your best friend! Indeed, they may save our lives one day
Take care and God Bless.

Date: 1998-08-26 23:13:00
Gary Garrison ( / no homepage) wrote:

Amazing page!!! Extremely funny, and yet touching!! (=
Anyways, I've sort of received an '85 5th Ave. And was looking for information. I came to the right place!! The engine in it is supposed to be a 318 2bbl, right?? I think it is fuel injected though... Do you know how much HP the older 318FI engines had??

Date: 1998-08-17 10:09:00
Phil Johnson ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great page. I originally bought my '83 A38 Police Diplomat as a replacement for a much-loved and stolen (from me, not by me) '74 Dart Custom Sedan. While I would love to have another A-body, nothing will ever touch this Diplomat. They become a part of your soul, as I have found.

Date: 1998-08-11 04:09:00
Sharon Muldoon ( / wrote:

Very well done site - definitely worthy of an award from:

Date: 1998-08-07 20:58:00
Frank ( / wrote:

Thanks, Tony. I was totally unaware of the difference between the Sebring Coupe and Convertable. I knew they looked slightly different but had no idea they were *that* different. I'll make the approriate corrections.

Date: 1998-08-07 16:13:00
Tony Crouch ( / no homepage) wrote:

One more comment.... the Sebring Convertible is related to the Cirrus/Status/Breeze. The Sebring Coupe/Avenger are Mitsubishi built.

Date: 1998-08-06 20:21:00
Natalie ( / wrote:

I am a firm believer in "Mopar or No Car!" I grew up on such great cars as the mighty M-bodies, and I greatly enjoyed viewing your page. Please check out my Mopar site, which features my Polara, along with Newports, Furys, Colts, and Challengers. Pure Mopar Performance!

Date: 1998-08-05 01:12:00
Frank ( / no homepage) wrote:

In response to the letter below, for the benefit of other visitors . . .
Concerning the Pro-Life Diplomat on Diplomats 5, I had not noticed the LeBaron Eagle on the front assembly, but if you follow the link below the image I have posted, you will be able to view other images of the car, including a rear image clearly displaying the "Diplomat" name plate on the trunk lid. With that in mind, and looking at the color on the fiberglass lip over the grille, I am pretty sure that the front end on this Diplomat was replaced with parts from a Chrylser LeBaron. Although I had not noticed the Eagle, I was pretty perplexed by that picture, but this seems to clear the smoke a bit.

Date: 1998-08-04 21:24:00
Tony Crouch ( / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoyed looking around. Not many people are devoted to the Diplomat and it's counterparts in the other divisions. Glad to see your site.
Just a couple comments.... The pro-life Diplomat in your pictures is really a LeBaron. If you look closely at the side marker lights, you can see the LeBaron "eagle". It also has the turn signals above the headlights, in 1979 a sure sign of a LeBaron.
Also, all LeBaron station wagons were called Town & Country, yes due to the heritage of the woodies of the late forties, early fifties.
One last thing and I'll stop. The Mirada Convertible is really a Mirada hardtop with a "caboriet" roof treatment.... a vinyl top made to look like a convertible. Not my personal favorite, but seemed to be pretty popular with the Chrysler PR folks.
Keep up the good work. When I have more time, I'll finish looking at your site.

Date: 1998-07-12 07:47:00
Shawn hoffman ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

My first car was an 88 Diplomat, and I loved it,once
you go Diplomat you never go back.

Date: 1998-07-06 19:02:00
Adam Taylor ( / wrote:

Good job! Your page just keeps getting bigger and better! Keep up the good work!

Date: 1998-07-05 18:53:00
Mike Taylor ( / wrote:

Since guestbooks look better with messages in them, i'll add one for you. Great page. I got Internet Explorer installed the other day and heard noises from your page for the first time. You've done a good job incorporating all that Diplomat info together.

Date: 1998-06-30 16:59:00
Frank Billington ( / wrote:

Welcome to the new guestbook. I felt like the site needed a different place for folks to sign their name than the Forum, so here it is. Please tell me what you think of the site, what can I do to improve it, what would you like to see?


Sunday 12/19/1999 9:53:12pm
Name: Sheldon Rody
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: indiana

very impressive site. I sold Dodge for several years and had new 77 Mediallion cp sunfire green metallic, 78 Mediallion cp blue with leather, sweet car! and 80 dove gray mediallion 4dr. Reallly liked the compact size and full size car ride. These cars sold very well too. Have seen only one at car show in recent years. thank you

Saturday 12/18/1999 6:49:36pm
Name: Mike Omell
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Allenton, Michigan

Hey! I looked at this site yesterday, I thought it was really cool. Speaking of Diplomats, I own 2 of 'em. They're both ex-cop cars bought from a buddy I went to school with. My 1984 is my daily driver, it has about115,000 on the clock and spotlights, lightbar, and red wig-wags(I probably shouldn't have) My other Diplomat is a 1987, my buddy took it apart,& re-did it. Now I'm putting it back together. I'm a hardcore Mopar fan.I also own an '86 Ram, and a '71 Charger,it's yellow with a white top & sunroof.Under the hood lies the original 383 Magnum.

Saturday 10/23/1999 2:45:28pm
Name: Barbara B.
Referred By: From a Friend

Congratulations to you nephew! You are wonderful!! Love from Aunt Barbara

Tuesday 10/19/1999 4:15:48pm
Name: Mike Cunningham
Referred By: Just Surfed On In


I was looking at your "imposters" area, and as a Fairmont nut, noticed a couple of details that weren't quite dead-on.

First, the Fairmont and the Mustang do share the "Fox" platform, but the Fairmont was designed and produced first. So, the Mustang is based on the Fairmont, not the other way around.

Second, all base Fairmonts before 1982 had the two-headlight system. Only Fairmont Futuras (with the "sleeker" 2-door bodystyle) had the four-headlight front end. After 1982, all Fairmonts were Futuras and all got the 4-headlight system.

Sunday 10/17/1999 1:25:45am
Name: John C. Irving
Referred By: Lycos
Location: NH

I'm purchasing a 1989 Gran Fury, and figured I would surf the net to get some info on it. Nice web site you have here.

Thursday 10/07/1999 10:13:54pm
Name: Larry Lawrence
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: greenville pa

Great site I just bought my first Dip today. I was surprised to find a page this good about Diplomats. I found a lot of great information, thanks.
Larry Lawrence II

Thursday 09/30/1999 4:06:28pm
Name: Anthony Churchill
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Calgary Alberta, Canada

I really like this site a lot!! I sent you a picture of my beautiful excellent condition green 1979 diplomat, but I think it was lost some where as I never recieved a return E-mail. I would be Glad to send it again for you to add to your gallery if you would like. I'm thrilled that someone loves their Diplomat as much as I love mine.

Monday 07/26/1999 12:53:56am
Name: Eric Roy
Referred By: Net Search
Location: British Columbia, Canada

I am a Diplomat fan, and decided to see if I could find any info on the 'net about them. So, I was glad when I found your page, but even more surprised when I saw your invite for people to trust Christ. This must be great exposure with all the people you probably have surfing your site. Most people probably don't even consider their eternal destiny, but if one soul is saved because of your invitation on the site, it's worth all the time and effort put into the site design!! May God continue to bless.


Eric Roy.

Sunday 07/18/1999 1:12:38pm
Name: Daniel
Referred By: AngelFire
Location: Connecticut

Hello. I am the friend who will be accompanying Sue on our visit to Minnesota (she is the former Infiniti owner-turned-Diplomat fan that wrote to you). She informed me that you wrote back to her and are very close to Duluth. As you correctly observed in your e-mail to her, she is clearly the most enthusiastic M-body fan I have ever known. She recently purchased my 5th Avenue and is determined to get a Diplomat (which she lovingly refers to as the "Dippy") and a Gran Fury. I am writing to let you know that we will not be flying directly into Duluth (cheaper to fly to Minneapolis). But we will be renting a car (Chrysler, of course) and driving to the Iron Range. I grew up in Mountain Iron and will be visiting my parents. All of this is to say that Sue and I would love to meet Farley on perhaps either Friday, August 20th or Saturday, August 21st. At this point, I am attempting to convince my mother to come with us but, understandably, she doesn't quite understand the concept of meeting a 1979 Dodge. Are either of those days good for you? Let me know. Your website is fantastic. I appreciate also your message inviting people to faith in Christ.

Sunday 07/11/1999 10:40:19pm
Name: susan kliczewski
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: connecticut

I love the Dippy!!! It is my favorite car. I just bought a 5th Avenue and now I'm looking for a Dippy. My friend and I are planning to come to MINNESOTA in August (he is from the Iron Range area) so we'll be flying into Duluth. I would absolutely LOVE a ride in your Dippy!!! I love the Dippy. I also like the Gran Fury and Dodge Monaco. I love your website. Farley looks like a wonderful Dippy (of course, what Dippy isn't wonderful). I don't know what it is but I used to own an Infiniti and I was driving down the road one day and I saw a Dippy and I was like "Oh my God! I love that car." Since then, I have been a Dippy FANATIC. I absolutely love the car. I have been looking for a Dippy for a while now. They are not easy to find! The peeling vinyl roofs don't bother me -- in fact, they just add character to the Dippy. I'll tell you, those 318 engines will last forever. I love my 5th Ave. Now I'm trying to find a Dippy and a Gran Fury. I love the power of the V8 318 engine. Oh, and the rug in those cars!!! So soft....Well, anyway, PLEASE e-mail me back because I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAVE A RIDE IN FARLEY WHEN I COME TO DULUTH! I've never been to Minnesota and there would be no better welcome than seeing a Dippy to greet me. E-mail me back as soon as possible. DIPPY! DIPPY! DIPPY!

Thursday 07/08/1999 4:28:01pm
Name: Rory
Homepage Title: DMATS 'R' US
Homepage URL: http://right...
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Sioux City Iowa

This page is the coolest. I have a 1982 Dogde Diplomat and it is damn sweet. Dmats are frickin tanks. You drive around and look at other nice cars and people say "Whoa sweet!" that's when you say "Yeah... it's no Diplomat." Keep this page goin' it is the coolest!

Wednesday 07/07/1999 10:28:49am
Name: Natalie Coleman
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Delaware

Farley, your page is incredible! I have an '85 Dodge Diplomat that just won't die. Unfortunately, the air conditioning doesn't work and it's HOT here! Her name is the "Hooptie", and she's a good ole girl.

Wednesday 06/16/1999 10:26:08pm
Name: joe
Referred By: Net Search
Location: riverton, wyoming

i think your site is really cool. as a matter of fact i have a 87 diplomat. which was used as a undercover police car. even with 165,000 miles on the original 318 big block. it can still reach speeds of 145+. and this is only a stock engine!! i plan to add some more toys to this thing. so far in races i've beaten a 80's camaro z28, a 5.0 80's stang, and another ex-police car. which was a super fast thunderbird. here in my hometown the highway parol has a 1999 superfast camaro. WOW!!

Wednesday 06/16/1999 7:52:57pm
Name: Bruce Clements
Referred By: From a Friend

I just bought an 86 Diplomat, it must be the most reliable car I have ever owned.

Tuesday 05/18/1999 6:12:10pm
Name: Brad Lyon
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Norborne Mo


Thursday 05/06/1999 12:45:36am
Name: Dan Manata
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Florida

Hey! I own a 1977 Dodge Diplomat. :) I abuot freaked when I saw your page. :) I bought this car last month and I'm trying to get it painted. It'd been left in a driveway for 5 years. :P It has only 65,000 miles on it. :) Some old lady owned it or something. It has a 318 in it w/ a 2 barrel. Sorry. I'll stop now. :)

Wednesday 05/05/1999 9:39:27pm
Name: Nicholas Formica
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Grayslake,IL

Great Site-very interesting

Monday 04/26/1999 3:12:27pm
Name: Joe Amy
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Erie, PA

Nice site very informative. I'll return many times I'm sure

Thursday 04/15/1999 5:40:44pm
Name: Adam Shivers
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Galena, Ohio

I don't have a webpage of my own but I admire this one! It is the first thing I've come accross that helps explain the love that I have for Louise(my '84 Dodge Diplomat police pkg). My people never understood why I love her so much! She needs a lot of work but it looks like this page can even help us with that! I have many dreams for her, but her dream is to meet Farly I think!

Sunday 04/11/1999 11:13:02am
Name: jon jambor
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Rose hill KS

Really enjoyed the tour. I was looking for a hubcap for
our 1986 Diplomat when I stopped in.

We bought her after our cadillac was stolen. She really can hump it when you push the pedal down. She always has seemed a little goosey on the highway, almost as if her engine is too big for her frame. She's been a great car, thogh... and very reliable.

Friday 04/09/1999 3:15:02am
Name: Reggie Beard
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: East St. Louis

Hello, I just wanted to say that I am glad to see someone who shares such an interest in the Dodge Diplomat. I am a college student at Millikin University in Decatur, IL. I have had my Diplomat for three years now. I have done a fabulous job making it look good, if I do say so myself. I do not have a homepage about my Diplomat yet, but I would like to e-mail you a picture of mine to include on your homepage. Let me know if this is possible.

Your fellow Diplomat owner,

Thursday 04/08/1999 2:41:34am
Name: Joe Deats
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Los Angeles

WOW its great to see someone so in love with there Mopar
arent they great, they just run and run. I own a 1972 Dodge step side pickup that just wont die and it has 322,000 miles but man I love the truck. My other car is a 1972 Plymouth Cuda that I drag race. Great page I wish I had your skills at page making.

Sunday 04/04/1999 11:45:55pm
Name: Keith
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Scottsdale,AZ

This site is great. Makes me wish I had a Farley of my very own. Keep up the great work and say hi to Farley for me.

Saturday 03/27/1999 9:53:06pm
Name: christina king
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: tx

Well, well, well. I've got a tank!!!! I can hit something and bounce right off of it at 1mph. :) Ha Ha. A Gran Fury, of course, an old police car from an auction. Either an 85 or an 87. She's starting to give me problems. I'm about to give her up. Any suggestions?

Friday 03/26/1999 3:28:20am
Name: John D. Harmon (J.D.)
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Warren, MI

This is the best surprise a weird car freak like me could ask for! I am an ex-owner of an '87 cop Dip w/360 swap-alas, it was wrecked in '96. Currently own '93 Dynasty-great car! I will rejoin you crazy Diplomat owners in the future-want to build a 5th Ave. w/cop drivetrain, rear end, & suspension (360 swap, of course!). Looked at old messages-those Chevy guys never seem to be able to spell, punctuate, or have a coherent thought beyond whether to live in a single or double-wide trailer. Ask me how it feels to have sunk $4000 into a $400 car, resurrected it from the dead, only to have it all taken away by a speeding Taurus in the rain. C'mon, ask!

Wednesday 03/17/1999 8:14:38pm
Name: Derek Fraley
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: springfield, MO

My diplomat (Betty), is one of the last of the Diplomats. A shame because a personm could never hope to own a better car.

Name: Nick
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Oregon

Great site, man!

Saturday 02/27/1999 7:04:20pm
Name: Joann Terry
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Alaska

Im the proud owner of a 1985 Dodge Diplomat.The best darn car I have ever own.

Wednesday 02/10/1999 8:12:37am
Name: Bora Yavuz
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Turkey

We have just bought an old 1979 Diplomat. But some of its parts have some small problems like signal lamb, right mirror, etc. We can not find the original parts here. You help me ?????

Tuesday 02/09/1999 9:27:05pm
Name: Rob Baxter
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hey, I like your page, feels like a meeting of like minds, the few in the crowd.. Although, Lou is no longer with me I think of him always.. If your thinking of selling you Diplomat to get something "more now", "better on fuel", or whatever.. Think really hard about how much that Diplomat costs you in maintenance, It will outweigh the savings I'm sure of it.. I'll own another some day soon.. If I can find one, I'll make it a 340W and see if I can't break the 12 s mark..

BTW: I know that it's a pretty well known thing that the 318 motor is suseptable to carbon deposits between the Intake manifold and the cylinder head air passages. Cleaning the intake passages and the cylinder ports of carbon is an easy way to improve both performance and fuel economy.. purchase an Intake manifold gasket Kit and some High temp silicone. These are the only costs, around $20.00 cdn. You can hear when they're not breathing right. Just a thought, the 318, with my experience is prone to this about every 2 years with constant driving. and no a good run doesn't burn the carbon out, wishfull thinking.. Try it if you haven't already.. Really improves performance.. (due to the Dodge fuel/air/temp mixture..)

Wednesday 01/27/1999 7:57:33pm
Name: John Rosa
Homepage Title: The Javelin Home Pages
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: New Jersey (damn it!)

Surfed in via the CopCar webring.

I'm an AMC fan first and foremost with a secondary
passion for Mopars.

I'm also a former owner of a Ford Fairmont ex-Police
Car used by the Lancaster, PA police (I have pictures of it here someplace!). I'd have to say I don't see where your suggestion comes from saying the Fairmont was directly aimed to compete with the Dip's...other than the simplistic squared-off shape and sorta-similar grilles, they're two are very different cars.
The Dip was far more heavy and upscale. The LTD of the
late 70s is a fairer comparison, despite being even larger, and both were targeted for the same buyer. A Fairmont actually compares better to the Aspen/Volare and Malibu.
Anyway, my Fairmont was indeed a V8/Auto, and was a very good car (for a Ford). It originally had the two-lamp grille, but I swapped it for the 4-lamp setup to better look like a police car. If you want a scan of this car, I'll go dig the pics up. LMK :)


Tuesday 12/26/2000 4:13:46pm
Name: Brian Kelly
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Dublin Ireland


Wednesday 12/20/2000 1:52:35pm
Name: Rich S.
Homepage Title: N/A
Homepage URL: http://N/A
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: NW NJ

A different page, Diplomats male (Farley of course!) and it looks like 5th Avenues are ladies. I recently bought a clean 84 5th Ave(90K miles) and since then I noticed there is a small auto cult devoted to these autos.
I must admit I like to tell people I can reach the plugs, have a 2bbl carb and rear wheel drive. I tell my bro its his 50 plymouth back after 39 years, and my bro in-law its his 50 Windsor Chrysler 6 back minus its clunko-matic and plus two more cylinders. I never named my cars although some uncles did in the past but now I must get temporary and think of a cool chick name. Enough prattle, neat page, thanks for listening

Sunday 12/17/2000 11:50:21pm
Name: ADAM
Referred By: Just Surfed In



Sunday 12/10/2000 5:34:04am
Name: Chad
Referred By: Friend
Location: Texas Highway Patrol

Although I never patroled in a Diplomat, my partner and I have talked about his old black and white Diplomat that was a slicktop. I am thinking about restoring a Diplomat dressed out as a THP unit. I like the website and it has given me alot of information on my quest..

Texas Dept. of Public Safety

Friday 11/17/2000 6:09:31pm
Name: Joe Mitchell
Referred By: AOL
Location: Indiana

this site gave me a lot of information on the diplomat
I am currently looking at an 84 diplomat to buy

Thursday 11/16/2000 12:06:21am
Name: Johnny
Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Cool site!! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes these "forgotten" F/J/Mbody cars, the last of the RWD Mopars!

Monday 10/23/2000 10:41:50pm
Name: Carmen
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Jersey

found this sight from Mopar Performance Parts sight

I have three running M bodies 80 lebaron w/84 318 4bbl & lockup trans, 2.94 posi and rear swaybar, oil cooler, trans cooler, steering cooler, 100 amp alt very nice highway cruiser 19.5 mpg. 240K miles on it and use it daily 30k miles year 5.5 years, 2 years in original body. until lit cigarette between legs distracted my eyes. what front end?

second is 83 cop dip w/318 2bbl high stall 727 2.94 posi, swaybar, 100 amp very quick off line but no top end, just backup car.

third is 89 cop GF w/318 4bbl, lockup trans, 2.94 posi, swaybar, all coolers, 120 amp alt, pw, pl, pmirrors, ps this will eventually replace 80 after i replace bent subframe.

fourth is in parts of my basement and garage 82 full options on interior sold drive train for 850 more than i paid for whole car.

fifth was the 84 cop dip that I totalled in the back of a 1 ton van, his bumper never touched mine. two feet later I stopped, my engine now visable.

never owned a cop 360 just cant seem to find any, I caught on to late. I just cant say enough about cop 318's and lockup trans, with weekly oil checks BULLET PROOF!!!

can you tell my chevy freinds hate my cop cars there ugly, u should drive something nicer. HA ive only called the tow truck twice, once for the accident and once to drag the 94 out of the junk yard.

Monday 10/16/2000 10:20:10pm
Name: Gene Hall
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Houston Texas

For Sale
1983 New Yorker 5th Avenue
Black in color
One Owner
120,000 Miles
New Headliner
wire wheel covers
am-fm radio
318 V/8 Runs Good

Call Gene Hall
Houston Texas

Saturday 10/14/2000 11:02:49pm
Name: Todd (aka Nukeday)
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Oregon

Wow, lot's of good info here. Quick story about the Dip I now own...When working as a civilian in S. Korea, I was able to purchase a recently retired '88 law enforcement GranFury at the military auction. 38K miles and semi-optioned. Everything worked and the car was a blast to drive among the hugely lesser powered local vehicles. Not that I recommend it, but I often cruised in that vehicle at between 180-200kph. Anyway, fast forward to a month ago, when I saw a near clone of my beloved 'Furyus' sitting in a Bi-Mart parking lot. Left a note on the cracked windshield and the owner contacted me shortly thereafter anxious to sell. It needed a bit of work, mostly hoses and brakes and a massive interior cleaning, but the car runs and stops fine. Not exactly pretty, but it is a solid Police version Diplomat. The car is an '82 with A/C and int. wipers. Has great tires and new brakes and is currently for sale for $650 OBO, the car is in western Orergon. Thanks for letting me share my M body story...Oh yes, the Dip has been named 'Master Blaster'...

Wednesday 10/11/2000 11:15:20pm
Name: Nester
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoaba Canada

Love the page! If it weren't for this page i don't know if i would have the guts to tackle some of the major jobs i've done and will be doing in the future, it's like having a bunch of experts giving you help. I hope to see this page grow and expand and have more and more people visit it us m-body owners gotta stick together.

Wednesday 10/11/2000 7:31:35pm
Name: James Ellison
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Iowa

Hello, I just thought I'd write and tell about my Dodge Diplomat. It is a 1985 model. I just bought it for $200.00. It runs pretty good, but the body needs some work, and the interior needs a serious cleaning. The vinyl top was coming off, so my Dad and I took it completely off and primered it and will paint it. So far I like the car. It is my first Dodge, and it has been driven daily and will be mostly my work car. If anyone wants or can tell me anything about these old Dodges, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

Tuesday 10/10/2000 2:28:17pm
Name: Adam Taylor
Homepage Title: Adam's Dodge Diplomat Page
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Illinois


Don't know if I've ever signed the guestbook, so I will now. Thank you very much for the great site! I don't know where us Dippy fanatics would be without it!


Saturday 09/30/2000 6:06:04am
Name: brian
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: douglasville,GA

if you dippy owners ever need parts,the yards down here are loaded with these cars of the 70s-80s,email or call 770 5773138,ill try and help ya keep these beauties on the road!

Wednesday 09/27/2000 1:40:55am
Name: Roman Dominuez Jr
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Bakersfield, California

hey this is the coolest Dodge page i've found and i wanted to say thanks for having a page like this and i'll be sending pick of my car soon so everybody can see if thats ok with you.

Tuesday 09/26/2000 4:56:05pm
Name: Mark Underwood
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Ia

Great page, even though I own a 82' Fifth Ave., I love the M bodies, keep up the good work....Thanks Mark

Tuesday 09/19/2000 7:42:57pm
Name: Jason Goldsack
Homepage Title: Jason's Aspen/Volare Club
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Bothwell, Ontario, Canada

Absolutely the best M-body Site on the net. Thanks for making a great page for F,J,M Body lovers to enjoy our cars even though they were built in Chryslers bad years. These cars are becoming scarse and good examples are hard to find. Soon we will have our day with the Muscle cars of the '60s. I am proud to show my F Body at local and large shows and I don't care what other Muscle car owners say. Enjoy your ride and have fun with your part of Mopar History. Thanks again.

Monday 09/11/2000 8:04:42am
Name: Russ Ashley
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Lawrenceville, Ga

Neat site. I have an 87 Diplomat SE. It's nice to find someone else who appreciates these cars. This is my second Diplomat, my first was an 81 2 door. The only way I'd get rid of my 87 is if I found a nice, low mileage 2 door Diplomat or LeBaron.

Tuesday 08/29/2000 1:26:36am
Name: Doug Thomas
Homepage Title: Doug's Vehicular Atrocities
Homepage URL:
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: Detroit, MI.."Where the weak are killed & eaten"

Love the site, thanks for posting the pic of my Dippy Wagon! Mopar to ya!

Saturday 08/19/2000 8:46:01am
Name: TomP
Referred By: Lycos
Location: Baltimore

A great web site, one of my favorites !

Wednesday 08/16/2000 2:40:36pm
Name: your father
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: The beautiful Pacific Northwest

Greetings, young son. I was cruising through and Alicia - who has been hanging over my shoulder for the last half hour - wanted to know what I was doing. I thought "Why not?" and called up Billingtons.Net - and decided to come here. We were the 32,560th visitor. Cool. Alicia, however, is FASCINATED by the possibilities. I guess that I should get off my you-know-what and get with you about developing those Billigtons.Net pages. She already has tons of ideas. So...

Tuesday 08/08/2000 0:00:55am
Name: Darrell Wright
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Sanford, FL

Hello, I was very impressed with this web site, I didn't know these cars were this popular. I have a 1987 Dodge Diplomat my self, bt it needs some minor engine and cosmetic repairs. If you can send any information about any local places that deal with diplomats in the Orlando, FL area, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Monday 08/07/2000 2:25:41pm
Name: Susan lorence
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Sycamore, Il

Help, The left rear tail light red cover plate is broken on our 1979 dodge diplomat. I am not finding a replacement for it no matter who I check with. However, it sounds like you had no trouble replacing yours when you had the accident. I would appreciate any help you can give me to help me find this part. If I must buy the entire lamp assembly then I will. That is the only thing damaged on our car. Thank you so much. Susan

Saturday 07/29/2000 10:19:51pm
Name: Ken
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Indiana

Awesome site! Does anyone know of a good catalog for Mopar decals or stickers? If so please email me.

Thursday 07/27/2000 9:37:13pm
Name: Jesse Robinson
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Cornwall,Ontario,Canada

I just can't believe that there are other people (sickos) who think these cars are great! My first car was Plymouth Caravelle s-type 2 door coupe with a hot 340 that turned out to be a 318. Even with the mundane mill this car was feared and respected. Terrorizing the streets in a car that looked unsuspecting yet menacing at the same time is feeling i wish to get back. Needless to say being young with a fairly powerful car yielded a wrecked car in about 2 years. I am currently seeking another 2 door Diplomat with which to transform into the ultimate street sleeper (big block). Anyways great site and i hope to see more in the upgrades area especially suspension and handling.

Saturday 06/17/2000 9:34:45am
Name: Lynn Reichert (Ducky Duddle)
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Washburn, WI

Hi Frank:
I have been absent on Farley's page for several months as my 87 Diplomat was on loan to my son in Mpls. Lulu came back dirty, some minor scars, and a rusted out gas tank. I also have a rusted out emissions metal tube coming out of the catalytic converter up to the engine compartment.
Do you have any sources in the Twin Ports area for a reasonably priced gas tank and a metal tube that screws into the converter. I am getting Lulu prettied up and am planning a paint job this summer and new tires. What tire source do you have? I have been buying up at Sam's Club for the best price on 205 - 75 - 15". I appreciate your Christian witness and the fact that you let your light shine. I am a believer and in fact am preaching tomorrow morning in our pastor's absence. We attend the Grace Bible Evangelical Free Church here in Washburn and have a Bible Preaching, Loving Pastor and a church with a good testimony. Join us whenever you are in the area. I also lead a Tues. morning interdenominational men's breakfast fellowship every week at the Small World Restaurant here in Washburn from 7 - 8 a.m. We have a great time with Christian brothers from all over the area. Join us when you can. I am still employed as the guidance counselor at WITC in Ashland; however, I'm planning retirement next year with 33 years under my belt. Then I can serve the Lord on more of a full time business and I can play more with my cars including my Diplomat. I also am restoring an 84 SAAB and have a 63 Valiant convertible and a 40 Chev. Master Deluxe. Working on these vehicles is a wonderful stress reducer for me.
Keep in touch, Steve. I also sent an article in to Farley's Forum. You are doing a great job with your Farley's Website.


Saturday 06/17/2000 0:15:34am
Name: Ken
Referred By: Yahoo!
Location: Indiana

Great webpage. I to own a 1987 Dodge Diplomat squad with a 318 5.2 Litre V8. I was wondering if you know of any other cool websites that i can get on. I'm 16 and this is my first car. I was brought up a Mopar man and will be one till the good lord takes me from this earth.
Please if you get a chance send me those websites, i'm sure your busy but no rush whenever you get a chance.

Wednesday 06/14/2000 2:32:02am
Name: Ted Carlin
Referred By: AOL
Location: Eureka, CA

I am a proud owner of a 1983 Diplomat I like to send in a picture of it to put it in your photo gallery looks awsome.

Sunday 06/11/2000 3:31:19pm
Name: Jerry
Homepage Title: NONE
Homepage URL: http:// NONE YET
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Long Island, New York

Well, I've been through the gamut of these babies first, a 1980 Lebaron w /a slant 6 & a 1 bbl, my 1982 diplomat w / a 318 police pkg. (not mine, actually the dept's) my 1983 Chrysler 5th Ave, w / a 318 & a 2bbl, and finally my 1988 Diplomat w / a 318 & a 2bbl. Something about these cars I just like(I know it's not the 4 trannys I've replaced on my 3 babies, ha ha ha..) but I just can't seem to get enough of them. I've been with them for 11 years (since 1st one). Anyway, GREAT SITE! I love it!!, discovered it on 6/10/00 and will continue to check back! KEEP IT GOING!!!!

Sunday 06/04/2000 11:47:17pm
Name: Robert
Referred By: AOL
Location: New York

My family has been Mopar or no car for decades. With a stable of high performance muscle cars my mom and dad wanted a grocery getter and family truckster with some ooommmpphhh. Their choice? An '82 Dippy which Dad, my brother, and I later dropped a cop powertrain into. Since then my family has gone on to own seven M-bodies, two true cop cars, another with a slant in it, a Lebaron with the works, including T-tops, and a two wagons. It's great to find such a plethora of information that's available on this site and even better to find out there are such die hard Dippy fans.

Sunday 05/14/2000 1:08:09am
Name: p.b.
Referred By: Just Surfed On In

my first experience with the diplomat was whenn i became a police officer it was a 1989 model with a 360 hi-po i drove this car on duty for around a year i loved it its low center of gravity made it an excelent pursuit car we now drive the fords but they cant hold a candle to my old dodge
i tried to purchase the car from the dept. but they used it as a trade in but i have purchased a civilian model similar to it this is a great site.

Friday 05/12/2000 10:18:37am
Name: Ian
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: ontario, canada

I am 17 and just got my liscence and my first car. I picked up a 1985 diplomat from a local garage. I immidiately fell in love with the car because of its power and durability. However i am rather mad because i just hit a deer with it on a back country road when i was testing how fast i could go. I was at 100mph when i struck it. All in all the repairs were $200 cause i fic\xed it myself. Any other car would have suffered alot more damage.

Saturday 05/06/2000 9:50:02pm
Name: clyde denby
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: new orleans, la

i have been searching for a diplomat websight for a lloonngg time and was quiet surprised to find one so large. i just bought an 80 2dr coupe. this is second one i've owned. my first one was an 81 s-type and had a much worked-up 318. stupidly i let the car go and have been searching hi and low for 7 years for a replacement. my new one has a slant 6 in it and i want to put a 360 in it. how much grief can i expect? any help you can give me would be great.

Monday 05/01/2000 1:01:58am
Name: Brian Allen
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: New Orleans, LA; soon to be Windsor, ON home of the Mbody

I own a '83 GranFury with the rare slant 6. Great site; I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves these indestructible cars.

Friday 04/21/2000 7:50:55am
Name: Clay
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Saskatoon, Sask. Canada

Like what I've seen so far. I drive a Diplomat. 1985 4dr.
Has been upgraded from the 318 to a 360 Magnum with headers and a 625 Carter 4 barrel. Using the 904 Tranny but with the 700 series torque converter. Also changed the rear end from the 7 1/2 to a 8 1/4 complete with 321 gears. Does this Diplomat move. Does the 1/4 in 13.2 sec.

Wednesday 04/19/2000 6:51:50pm
Name: robert w. tait
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: audubon, nj

Well farley, I got one for you. I own a 1979 Dodge Diplomat. It is the only one of it's kind that i have ever seen, and I've been looking for another for about four years. I own a two door, pointed front and rear. It is the same body as one you have posted on page 15, but it has a Slant-Six 225. It is white with a red interior. As I said, I've never seen another like it. If you reply, i will send a picture of it for your site.
thank you,
Robert W. Tait

Wednesday 04/12/2000 3:46:26pm
Name: steve
Referred By: Net Search
Location: joliet, IL

my first car was a diplomat(cop car). then i had to go a wreck it. this car saved my life and i have been trying to find another on for a year and a half. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. and remember it's mopar or no car.

Wednesday 03/08/2000 2:07:46am
Name: Cody Linneberg
Homepage Title: Dippy's Home Page
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

This page is WONDERFUL! When we first got the Diplomat, we searched for Dodge Diplomat in the search engines just for fun and it came up with your site. Not only is Farley's page well-designed, you have some great stuff on here -- I love the Registry, Brochures/Documents, and the massive archive of Diplomat Info you have here..... I also visited Farley's section of the site.... that was *really* cool. You inspired me to turn my Dippy Pics site (just a little collection of pictures of my car) into a real homepage for it too...What does "Farley is currently idle" mean? I don't know why, but I was overcome with sadness at the word "idle"....306,549 miles!! Keep GOING, man!! Hehe... --Cody

Thursday 02/24/2000 2:51:46pm
Name: Chris
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Hesperia, MI

I just want to say this is a great site about a great car!
Keep up the good work!

Thursday 02/24/2000 2:46:17pm
Name: Patrick Kozicki
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Wichita, KS

Found your site by accident. I found some good information on the forum and posted a message.
I hope I can get more info on my Fifth Avenue. It is an '88 mostly original, and peeling paint. The
car was a gift from a relative who thought I needed a second car ( mostly didn't want to pay the taxes
and insurance on it). The car is a daily driver and will start when my wife's '98 van won't.

Friday 01/28/2000 10:50:47pm
Name: tom jackson
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: baton rouge la

i've got 1987 diplomat/police car,i would like sell car the light bar has been removed,the car look like may have the cheif's has 85k cold air w/cd player ,do you think the car is worth $1500.00,new tire's

Thursday 01/13/2000 7:09:28pm
Name: Dad
Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Hello, young son. I just dropped in again to see what was new. That is a really GREAT Diplomat History section - VERY impressive. (Now, if you could have applied yourself like that when you were in school...) That's OK, I love you!


Sunday 11/25/2001 1:12:14am
Name: will perault
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: detroit michigan

ive got an 87 dippy and shes my baby thanks for the page uhhh oh its winter time got to bring her in its cold lol well thanks again

Saturday 10/13/2001 9:22:27pm
Name: Jim R. Van Horne
Homepage Title: AriesRam27
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Oswego,NY

Very nice page. I love the fact that some people still believe in keeping the vehicle they have. I have a 1988 Dodge Ram D100 with the first year fuel injected 3.9L V-6 rated at 125HP and 195ft/lbs of torque. It has a Holley 2bbl Throttle Body Injection System, a Chrysler A998 3 speed automatic with a lockup torque converter. It has a 8 1/4(or 8 3/8) Chrysler Rear axel with the very popular 3.55 gear ratio for their trucks. This truck is very base with only a heater/defroster and a radio. It has approximately 167,000 miles on it but currently is sitting. It still runs. I love my truck. Some day I want to get a Diplomat in the 88 or 89 model year.

Tuesday 10/02/2001 9:22:53pm
Name: Zack Sandberg
Referred By: Search Engine

Nice Website. I happen to own a 79 diplomat 2dr, with 43k original miles on in. Keep up the good work

Thursday 09/06/2001 4:36:15pm
Name: Scott Zehringer
Referred By: Just Surfed In

I love Mopars and especially the forgotten cool Mopars of the late 70's,early 80's. I own a 1983 Chrysler Cordoba I drive every day, it is a great car. My Shivy and phord friends don't understand why I love this car, I just tell them it's a Chrysler thing, and you'll never understand. I don't have any intensions of selling it, I don't care how much gas is.Your web site is coool!

Wednesday 08/22/2001 12:36:59am
Name: Tammy Julkowski
Referred By: Friend
Location: Next Door!

What a scream. Glad I'm not the only one who loves my old car!

Sunday 08/05/2001 9:06:48pm
Name: David Descault
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: City of South Pasadena, California

I going to fix my 85 Diplomat up and will probably be asking where??? Like now my right taillight assembly is slightly broken and when I'm ready where can I find a replacement?

Tuesday 07/31/2001 9:58:31am
Name: joe
Homepage Title: n/a
Homepage URL: http://n/s
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: florida

may be u can help, I am trying to locate dog dish hub caps for a 1989 Dodge diplomat

Thursday 07/19/2001 2:26:19pm
Name: Pam
Homepage Title: My Homepage
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: OR

Nice page man!

Sunday 07/15/2001 0:09:48am
Name: Bruce Adams
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Central California Coast

Incredible web site! Has already helped and inspired me so much, and I've "only" spent a few hours looking around the site. I saw a "photo-ad" of a 1980 Diplomat in a local car trader weekly just awhile back. Looked just like the car I rented (and loved) at Boston's Logan airport 20 years ago! The "dippy" (by the way, "DIPPY" is still available as a California "vanity" license plate- I checked!)is a 4 door Salon in Light Cashmere, 318 4 barrel, with 72,000 miles. Previous owners (unknown, but last owner says it had been donated to a non-profit senior center for re-sale) really kept this old beauty's obviously been covered from the elements all of it's life and just needed someone to carry on the pride of ownership and fix a few mechanical things. So, ..I bought it! Then I found your web site and really got the 411 on this car. Thank you so much! I've had a rear trans. mount replaced, and had 4 new shocks installed. This coming week it will get a new muffler and tailpipe, and new registration and insurance to keep the DMV happy. Within a couple of weeks the A/C will be blowing cold air....that's a must for me, even though the two estimates to fix the A/C were "$350 to start, bud..." and "between $650 and $800 should do it"....ouch! Not the Diplomat's fault of couse, just that the old R-12 freon gas costs more than gold now that it's been banned from further production in the U.S- holes in ozone layer they say. Anyway, the original owners manual is still in the glove box. And to keep the car protected from sun damage (there's that ozone layer again!)I bought a car cover. And put synthetic oil in the engine. And....there's lot's more to do get it purr-fect, but it sure is fun! I hope to find a good sound system before Summer's end too- the A.M. radio is great for listening to the ballgames, but aren't we all spoiled by the awesome music systems that just didn't exist in Reagan era cars? I just don't want one that is visually to keep the stock look as best I can. Well, I could go on and on, but gotta go for now. Just know that "" is the greatest...congratulations!

Friday 07/13/2001 9:38:08pm
Name: Christina Spittler
Homepage Title: none
Homepage URL: http://none
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Orinda, California

I was searching the web for pictures of my favorite car, the rare Dodge Aspen. I am going off to college next year and my dad intends on diposing of my '78 Aspen to avoid having to work on it, seeing as how it is barely still running. The brochure pictures will be perfect for me to keep the memory of my first car alive !Thanks!

Wednesday 07/11/2001 8:09:26pm
Name: tony desal
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: dallas texas

Dear Mr.Farley,
i need help on my 85 diplomat,tilt steering has alot of play, how do i take tilt steering wheel apart, i have pullers,do you have pictures of assy,after i pull the steering wheel what comes next.please help, i can't aford to buy a manual,any info will be a God sent.

Monday 07/09/2001 5:48:22pm
Name: Elizabeth Jernigan
Homepage Title: Chubby Bunny
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Lakeland, FL

Pretty cool page, I didn't think people were so interested in Dodge Diplomats....kinda blew my mind when I found this though.

Wednesday 06/13/2001 8:51:04am
Name: matt Ryan
Referred By: Search Engine

Nice Site!! The service manual section was extremely helpful. I was looking on the net for rear brake replacement info for my '85 5th Ave and didn't find anything useful until I found your site. Thanks again (and keep up the good work on the service manual page!!!)

Monday 05/28/2001 7:21:12pm
Name: the face eater
Homepage Title: (none)
Homepage URL: http://(none)
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: here

This page is nice. I am sure one day I will one a diplomat or gran fury.... but for now I will have fun cruising in my '76 Bonneville Brougham. Check ya later!!!

Saturday 05/26/2001 9:54:10pm
Name: Jessi Johnson
Homepage Title:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Virginia

Hi my friend and I were looking at Diplomats on the net when we found your site at yahoo. All of my friends have really nice cars, and I have a diplomat. Michelle (my friend that is with me now) and I love my car. All of my freinds make fun though. I sent them pictures off your site and this address that I got them from. They really are nice cars. I love mine it's very origional. I am glad some one has a site like this.

Monday 05/07/2001 1:26:12am
Name: Rafael Villa Rivera
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Xalapa Veracruz MEXICO

Cool!! very nice page , i love to find information about my Chrysler Le Baron 1980 (renamed in Mexico), in U.S.A. i think could be a diplomat

Tuesday 05/01/2001 5:46:14pm
Name: Dean Hitchcock
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Ithaca, MI.

good page!

Friday 04/20/2001 7:31:08pm
Name: Kirk B. Ward
Referred By: Search Engine

I just got a 1985 Dippy cop car and need to replace the crappy Rochester Quadra-Jet carb. Help!

Tuesday 04/17/2001 5:31:36pm
Name: Dermott C
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Detroit

Gret web site!!! I recently purchases a 1989 ex Kansas police cruiser Diplomat, its got a big 183000 on the clock, but it runs like a youngster once it gets going. There is one electrical problem however, sometimes it fails to start, usually all it takes to get it going is to pop the hood, disconnect the coil lead, reconnect it and try again, but it gets annoying. Anybody got any suggestions to what might be up?

Tuesday 04/03/2001 2:45:44pm
Name: Pete Rogers
Homepage Title: Family Page (Diplomat page coming...)
Homepage URL:
Referred By: E-Mail
Location: Fort Lewis, WA

I recently purchased a 1979 Dodge Diplomat, 2 door, 225 slant six (rebuilt), automatic transmission with 110,000 miles. She's white with a red vinyl half top, red interior. Other than some chipped paint and faded vinyl, this car is a great stock, complete, unmolested, and in great condition grandpa's car (literally on the grandpa part). She's a little slow to get up to speed but cruises nicely, has power steering, power disk brakes, cruise, air conditionioning, power seat, original AM-FM radio with single speaker in dash, all working (AC needs a little work), great interior, trunk in great shape, original carpet, jack, etc, etc. I purchased her cheap as a second car but I already have visions of a 360 V-8 implant, similar to the one I did on a 1970 Plymouth Duster years ago. The only difference is the Diplomat has a few more pounds on her than the Duster! It may have to wait until she's smog exempt (3 years) or I move out of the area (Army). Drop me a line if you have parts or want to BS Mopar - I've had a few (along with my 30+ cars in the last 15 or so years. I'm also a International Harvester enthusiast (first and foremost). Just call me automotively diversified!

Tuesday 03/27/2001 3:22:28pm
Name: Pat
Homepage Title: The Plymouth Duster Homepage
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: NW Penna

I wouldn't be suprised if I got a diplomat or gran fury soon...they are cheap here.

Wednesday 03/14/2001 4:23:26pm
Name: Jerry C.
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Orange Co., California

Anybody have knowledge where I can obtain chrome trim for my 87 Diplomat Police Pkg? Also looking for Dip chrome emblems for side & trunk. Thanks alot. Excellent Mopar site! Jerry.

Saturday 03/10/2001 5:54:16pm
Name: Serge
Homepage Title: 1966-2001 Dodge Charger
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Canada, Ontario

I am not a Dodge Diplomat fan but I just needed a few pics of it and found them here. Actually I think that Diplomats are ugly. They have those crapy headlights and sidemarkers on top of them, makes me want to puke. Anyways keep up the Dodge heritage going.

Tuesday 02/13/2001 9:01:50pm
Name: Dan
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Notheast Ohio

Love the website!!! I do own a 2 door 1981 Dodge Diplomat that has been parked for 2 years, if anyone's interested, I'm willing to get rid of it for CHEAP!!!!!!!!

Monday 02/12/2001 1:22:47am
Name: Adam
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Fresno, CA

This web site is way too cool! I had no idea that the Diplomat had such a large following. I race a 85' Police edition Diplomat at my local race track here in California. I have to say its an extremely reliable car with an excellent powerplant. Even though its a 4 door, it still kicks ass!

Sunday 02/04/2001 1:03:44pm
Name: Pete Moore
Homepage Title: NA
Homepage URL: http://NA
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Canada

I just got my car on the road and was lookin up some pics of it and found your page , this spring it will be complete and i'd like to send you a pic of it , its an 84 and it should look pretty sweet when its all pimped up...


Wednesday 01/31/2001 6:09:18am
Referred By: Friend
Location: dcx Toledo Machining Plant


Friday 01/12/2001 1:16:46pm
Name: Adam
Referred By: Search Engine

This is a truly excellent site. I own a 2-door 1981 diplomat that i purchased for $250, and it is the best car I've ever owned. Despite an unfortunate accident that has left "the dippy" temporarily out of commision, I have big plans for that car, and your site is an inspiration. Thanks, Adam.

Wednesday 01/10/2001 6:39:03pm
Name: Troy Nichols
Referred By: Search Engine

your site is awesome, I love diplomats...almost as much as ska music and my friends.


Thursday 12/19/2002 12:30:23am
Name: chris rose
Homepage Title:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: yahoo

hey i just wanted to say i like this site.i have an'87 diplomat x-cop car. the car is from the city of chico,CA.
she has 204,000 miles on it with the original motor,tranny and rear end. the motor is a 318 4bbl matched up with the 3 speed torque flite trans.the car is white with spot lights and BIG push bars up front. I have entered it in 2 car show. right now I am restoring it to all original. well I got to go so see ya later. chris

Thursday 12/19/2002 12:28:29am
Name: chris rose
Homepage Title:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: yahoo

hey i just wanted to say i like this site.i have an'87 diplomat x-cop car. the car is from the city of chico,CA.
she has 204,000 miles on it with the original motor,tranny and rear end. the motor is a 318 4bbl matched up with the 3 speed torque flite trans.the car is white with spot lights and BIG push bars up front. I have entered it in 2 car show. right now I am restoring it to all original. well I got to go so see ya later. chris

Sunday 12/15/2002 5:16:15pm
Name: phil
Referred By: E-Mail

they dont make them so good anymore

Sunday 12/08/2002 2:54:16am
Name: chris
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: colorado

i love this site. when i got my 2 door 77' diplomat when i was 16. i did everything in this car and put it through a lot of shit but it has always done me proud. there are many memories i have with this car many memories. now that im not a stupid rookie driver, theres a lot of things i wish i could take back, but im doin my best to fix up the best car i will ever ouwn.

Wednesday 11/20/2002 5:14:07pm
Name: jhon
Homepage Title: dont need one
Homepage URL: http://?
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: edmonton

some deep thoughts man. makes sense too

Monday 10/28/2002 2:43:06pm
Name: marty
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: netherlands

i just buy a dodge diplomat 1977
he is very big for the netherlands
have you some information about this car

Friday 10/25/2002 4:49:13pm
Name: Larry
Referred By: Just Surfed In

i just got a diplomat and was just checking out stuff about the diplomat

Friday 09/20/2002 6:17:30pm
Name: Richard Busby
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Van, Texas

Loved your opening! What a gauntlet to run and definitely food for thought. I am here because I need to sell our 1978 Dodge Diplomat. We are missionaries working stateside to support those in the field and our daughter is starting college and is commuting using this lovely old car. It is not economical and we need to change to a different car. This Diplomat has 87,000 miles original and is in pretty good shape other than the ravages of sun on the vinyl top. I want to sell it but not to someone who doesn't appreciate it. Any recommendations??

Monday 08/19/2002 3:52:04pm
Name: Jason Duncan
Referred By: Search Engine

My first car all my own was a Diplomat and it was the coolest. I took it four wheeling and jumped it a few times. I have many fond memories and hope to own another in the future.

Monday 08/19/2002 2:02:29pm
Name: idsert Hartendorf
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


My name is Idsert Hartendorf. I just moved from Holland (Europe) to Canada a couple of months ago. I've never owned a vehicle before, the public transport systeme back home is pretty good, but now that I am living in Canada, I have to own a car. I bougth a blue 1986 Dodge Diplomat (Salon) in May. ( I call it the 'blue whale')

I am pretty pleased with it for it's in good shape (only 75.000 km's) and it gets me anywhere i have to go. Ever since i own this car I've been looking at other cars from the same family like the New Yorker and the Caravelle.
I guess it's the down to earth feeling and look that does it for me.

Being interested in my Diplomat and it's family, I looked up Diplomat on the google search engine. I was surprised, but then again not really, to see more people loving their Diplomats. It was fun to read up on the Diplomats' history. In Holland you don't see these cars. I believe Chrysler stopped making cars for the european market in the seventies.
The only thing left that was Chrysler owned, were the French Talbot cars. They were probably never put on the market in North America. It was also good to read that the Diplomats and his siblings were used as police cars.

Well that's all.

Greetings Idsert Hartendorf

Friday 08/16/2002 3:50:54pm
Name: Ken Picard
Homepage Title: None
Homepage URL: http://None
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Copernik

Great site but unfortunately I have an "original" Diplomat. 1950 in excellant condition. I did not think that I could register it since your site is dedicated to the newer Dips.
However I would enjoy being in contact with anyone who wants to chat about the original Dip that I own.Get back to me if you like and I will give you all the details and send pics of the 50'.
Ken Picard

Tuesday 08/06/2002 5:52:16pm
Name: T.Adam Harris
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Manchester,NH US

Great job on your site. Your site has by far the most and the best content. Farley's thoughts on speeding really made me think, and on my drive yesterday, I drove slower without conscious thought. Farley sounds like a wonderful car. I saw a near identical one the road near Maine yesterday. The pre 1980 M's are still around in the most unlikely places. Keep up the great page.

Wednesday 07/10/2002 0:20:20am
Name: Judson Malone
Homepage Title: Jud's Page
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: New Hampshire, USA

Love your site dude. Keep up the good work. Judson

1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
24,500 Miles
Cream Paint, Dark Blue Leather Interior
Purchased for $2100

Wednesday 07/03/2002 11:54:14pm
Name: rj
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: AllPar

I was shocked to see someone else loves the Dodge Diplomat.
I've owned two. A 1977 2-door, and a 1979 2-door. Both purchased at the same Mopar dealer.
I've referred to both cars as "Wonder Dodge," the '77 as Wonder Dodge, then the '79 as Wonder Dodge Jr.
I still own the '79 although I will need to part with it shorty. To my dismay (as well as my girlfriend's).
Good luck with your site.

Wednesday 05/29/2002 5:12:08pm
Name: CJ Nichols
Homepage Title: CJ's Home Page
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Fargo ND

I was looking through the site stats for my site and noticed several people had come from your page. Had to check it out. Very interesting. Love the odds-n-ends graphics. Aren't the dips great cars. I only wish I had more space, but living in an apartment I don't. I had 7 cars at one time in my old apartment. Course I was friends with the land-lady and could get away with it. Now I'm stuck with only one, had to get rid of the rest. Kept the dip of course. Hope to get more some day, though more and more people are realizing how good of a car they are and aren't getting rid of them.

Tuesday 05/14/2002 8:55:05pm
Name: Therman
Homepage Title: Fbody mopar
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Web Ring
Location: Oklahoma

Great site!

Saturday 03/16/2002 1:55:19pm
Name: Glenn Sanders
Referred By: Web Ring
Location: mikesspot/78chrysler

I have bought a 78 Lebaron in the last week and think I may have found someplace that I can get info on something other than FWD Lebarons

Saturday 03/09/2002 3:06:36am
Name: Adrien
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: winnipeg manitoba

I'm a young fan of the diplomat . My father had a 1981 318 diplomat . he sold when i was about 12 for $500 . i was in away heart broken cause that was his fathers car until he passed away . i was hoping i would get it .
but now i seem to be having some problems finding one in winnipeg and around i have seen them around but no one is selling or is willing to sell one i'm just wandering if you know of a place to look for a diplomat to buy .
nice page keep up with the info

Monday 03/04/2002 7:09:19pm
Name: Rick Turner
Referred By: Web Ring
Location: Oregon

Own 2 F-bodies: 77 Aspen 4dr (parts)
and 79 Aspen Wagon (Practice) and one F/ M? Body..79 Chrysler LeBaron Wagon (To be restored)

Thursday 02/28/2002 11:43:54am
Name: Lee Herman
Homepage Title: Lee Herman's MOPAR Page
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Long Island, NY

Was researching the possible purchase of an '87 Diplomat and stumbled across your site on "Yahoo". Very informative and interesting.

I've since purchased an '87 Diplomat SE with 62,000 miles. Fully loaded, excellent interior, not-so excellent exterior.

I'll be adding a tow-hitch and oil/trans coolers, "cop" wheels, and fixing the a/c and moonroof, but other than that just plan on driving it as a station car and parts hauler.


Sunday 02/24/2002 0:08:08am
Name: Jimi
Homepage Title: na
Homepage URL: http://na
Referred By: Friend

I need parts for my 79 2 door dip-please help!!!

Wednesday 02/20/2002 5:00:00pm
Name: Kevin
Referred By: Search Engine

Wow, I got an 87 D Dip police car from my stepfather a while ago and was curious about how it works. Not much of a mechanic but was wondering what it looked like in its prime, your sight gives me an idea. Thanks.....

Wednesday 02/13/2002 3:19:34am
Name: R. Taylor
Referred By: Search Engine

I am serching for a picture of a dodge diplomat police car used in florida state trooper or highway patrol preffered please notify me with any info you may have

Sunday 02/03/2002 6:14:21am
Name: midnite
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: indiana

love the website. been a mopar fan ever since i owned a 79 magnum it had the 360/2brl it just wasn't as fast as i thought it looked so in went a 440 no doubt about that did the trick. drove it for about 8 yrs by this time the 440 was getting a little tired so it was rebuild time. put the fresh motor in and came to the realization that the magnum was pretty tired too the first time i got on it hard. rust problems need i say more. so here i am with this motor and nothing to put it. lucky for me i was looking through the local auto trader in the swap section and came across an add wanting to trade a chevy 350 motor and trans for an 80 2dr diplomat. was a done deal as soon as i seen. sure it was rough around the edges but definately had potential. when i started looking for info i found that the general opinion is that a big block swap pretty indepth in a dippy. i don't really understand what everyone has the problem with. my own experience wasn't that bad. the 440 is in it and for the record it is sitting in the same frame mounts the 318 came out of the only real problem was clearence between the brake booster and the valve cover which a set of low profile covers took care. other than the fact that the headers requires you to use an aftermarket shifter because interference with the stock column shifter linkage. i've now got about 6 or 8 thousand miles since the swap and i have to admit i have no regrets. i'm shocked there aren't big blocks going in more diplomats, just seems to be on everyone's wishlist. the best its done to date 0 to 60 6.14 seconds and 13.8 at 114.4 mph in the quarter according to my g-tech performance meter however with more traction and more tweaking i'm sure it will do better. not exactly what dodge intended but is sure fun to drive.

Saturday 02/02/2002 8:32:49pm
Name: josh adams
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: fremont ohio

i would just like to say this page is really cool. i am 16 and my first car was and still is a 1987 dodge diplomat and i would just like to say i love my carand wouldn't trade it for the world.

Saturday 01/19/2002 6:06:33pm
Name: Taffy Massey
Referred By: Search Engine

Thrilled to see your "Before we Begin" page. You are so right about the "closed mindedness" issue. I pray your outreach will be used by God to prick the hearts of many for His Glory!

Thursday 01/17/2002 6:53:42pm
Name: Lisa
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: British Columbia, Canada

This page is great! I recently came across a 1978 Diplomat in the local newspaper and am currently looking at purchasing it. To tell you the truth, I wasn't quite sure about this car at first but you've convinced me that this is a really good car that'll never die on me. It's factory propane and has only had 1 owner, who died. Hopefully I'll get this one, I'm really excited about it now. Thanks for the info!

Wednesday 01/09/2002 8:06:29pm
Name: Jeff Doughter
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: California

i'm glad to see someone, besides myself has an interest in Dodge Diplomat's thanks for this very educational web site


Thursday 11/20/2003 8:33:19am
Name: frank jasinski
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: clinton, ct.

I own a 1979 diplomat 4 door, dove grey with dove grey top. 318 2bbl 904 lock up, 42,325 oringinal miles, barely any rust and runs new, i love it!!

Monday 11/10/2003 7:03:58pm
Name: Mike Sloan
Referred By: Web Ring
Location: Vancouver BC Canada

Cheers on the endless Diplomat info. Quite a large amount of info for sure. Keep it up and God bless - Mike

Saturday 11/08/2003 12:43:59am
Name: Stuart Somers
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Connecticut

Very nice site, I have a Mirada and TWO
81 Imperials. I worked as a Salesman at a Dodge dealer from 73 to 1980. I sold lots of Diplomats. The wagons were very popular.

Wednesday 10/08/2003 2:27:00pm
Name: adam12
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: san francisco

i've had my '88 gran fury since '89. i almost didn't buy it because the auction thug (new york state if ya know what i mean) wouldn't go lower than $2650 even though i knew he paid $500 for it. i live in the salty fog near the ocean and it's eating my beast alive. if anyone knows a cure for car cancer please advise. also, if anyone has a low mileage dip/fury in the bay area holler because i want another one. happy trails.

Friday 09/26/2003 7:54:18pm
Name: John Williams
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Nice website.

Friday 09/12/2003 7:18:54pm
Name: Judy Hansel
Homepage Title: none
Homepage URL: http://none
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: san francisco, ca.

I am considering buying a 1985 Dodge Diplomat with 53,000 miles--asking price
$2,950. What do you think???
Other websites suggest $2,000 as high.

Saturday 08/30/2003 1:30:27pm
Name: Shep
Referred By: Web Ring
Location: England

I had great fun reading about Farley and his friends. I really admire the M Body Chryslers, even though there are not very many in Britain. Most of them that are here are ex-squads, which is no bad thing.

I admire them even more after reading about the life of Farley. Surviving 300,000 miles and 25 years of hard usage is a testament to the intrinsic toughness of Mopars. Good luck with your resto.

Saturday 08/16/2003 0:47:50am
Name: Todd rhoads
Homepage Title: netzero
Homepage URL: http://?
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: berks county Pa.

I have a 2 door 79 diplomat 318 w/360 heads light racing cam and a holly 4bbl with 100,000 plus miles on her and it shuts down these rice burnin, fiberglass pieces of $%#--at-- (sorry!) i am working on the body and need paint idias any thoughts or pics? feel free to e mail me. I get the feeling I am alone in liking diplomats. by the way cool website! :)

Saturday 08/16/2003 0:44:43am
Name: Todd rhoads
Homepage Title: netzero
Homepage URL: http://?
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: berks county Pa.

I have a 2 door 79 diplomat 318 w/360 heads light racing cam and a holly 4bbl and it shuts down these rice burnin, fiberglass pieces of $%#--at-- (sorry!) i am working on the body and need paint idias any thoughts or pics? feel free to e mail me. I get the feeling I am alone in liking diplomats. by the way cool website! :)

Saturday 08/16/2003 0:42:17am
Name: Todd rhoads
Homepage Title: netzero
Homepage URL: http://?
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: ?

I have a 2 door 79 diplomat 318 w/360 heads light racing cam and a holly 4bbl and it shuts down these rice burnin, fiberglass pieces of $%#--at-- (sorry!) i am working on the body and need paint idias any thoughts or pics? feel free to e mail me. I get the feeling I am alone in liking diplomats. by the way cool website! :)

Friday 08/15/2003 1:44:02pm
Name: Mark Copeland
Homepage Title: First Florida Chapter MVPA
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Florida

I am the proud owner of a 1987 Diplomat SE with a 318 2 BBL. It has 93,000 original miles, and is in showroom condition. I am very impressed with this web site. I very much appreciate the message on the pause.html page. The Bible speaks the way, the truth, and the light. Praise the Lord for all His blessings!

Monday 08/04/2003 11:40:24am
Name: Jon
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Norway

good sites

Thursday 07/31/2003 0:22:05am
Name: Ricco Heatherly
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Renton,Washington

Hi. Great site. I just got my car, so I was searching & found it. I've registered the car too, a 1980 Diplomat "S" coupe. Low production on these, 6,849 total. I also have a '65 Dart.

Thursday 07/24/2003 1:36:03pm
Homepage Title: N/A
Homepage URL: http://N/A
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: GOOGLE


Thursday 07/24/2003 1:35:02pm
Homepage Title: N/A
Homepage URL: http://N/A
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: GOOGLE


Monday 05/19/2003 2:39:48pm
Name: Adrien Chandler
Referred By: Search Engine

Frank -
I'm a freelance writer working for the WP Chrysler Museum. We're looking for useable images of '86 Dip or Gran Fury cop cars. Can you help ASAP?

Wednesday 05/07/2003 12:09:56am
Name: Charlie Clark
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Manassas VA

Great site; hope You and I can help all those that appreciate these great automobiles

Monday 05/05/2003 12:16:45am
Name: David Descault
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: South Pasadena, CA

Friday 04/11/2003 1:28:11am
Name: Jessica Miller
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Bloomington, Illinois

I was givin a 77 Dodge diplomat. All it needs is a new oil pan. other than that it runs perfectly. Its a two door other than that I don't know much about the car I get to go pick it up this Saturday. Yeah and your site has been sooooo helpful keep up the good work man!!!!!!

Friday 03/28/2003 2:01:24pm
Name: Thomas
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Upstate New York

Well, it looks like this is the place to go for M body Mopars. I have enjoyed the site and invite all M body fans to visit my dear friend Reggie at his website which demonstrates his favorite pastime, natually it's an M body, and to visit type
Also, stay tuned throughout the summer while larger and better pictures are added. Thanks for the forum, restore those Mopars!!! Thomas.

Saturday 03/08/2003 4:02:27pm
Name: john
Referred By: Just Surfed In

finally something worthwhile on the internet,especially liked the point to ponder god bless and you have a great site

Sunday 03/02/2003 9:26:41am
Name: Anthony Graham
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Newfoundland Canada

Its the first time Ive ever seen people have the common intrest of diplomats, and Im happy to find them.

Tuesday 01/21/2003 0:51:38am
Name: Adrien Gehring
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Winnipeg,manitoba,canada

I'm very pleased with your site and its informitive aspects of the dodge diplomat.We had owned a 1981 diplomat with a 318 being as young as i was when we had owned i fell in love with the car .It had been a family owned car passed on to my father when his father passed away in 92 .But my father is not a car lover and sold it for $475 in 95 i couln't convince him to save it for me .I know own a 95 mercury sable gs and i'm very pleased with the car but i truly want a diplomat from the early 80's with a 360 in it .If anyone has one within close range to winnipeg i would be willing to look at it for purchase .
May the farly page live on with joy of the owners of the m-bodies.

Friday 01/10/2003 8:50:46pm
Name: Daryl W Fenton
Referred By: Just Surfed In

I had a 1979 Dodge Diplomat Magnum. I will miss it everyday until the day that I leave this planet. Cruising, T-Tops off, V-8 doesnt get much better than that.

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