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Farley's Personal Data

Year: 1979 (built May 1978)
Dodge Diplomat Sedan 4-door
VIN: GH41G9G239288
Color: Dark blue vinyl top over metallic blue body
Engine: 318cu V-8 with 2 bbl Carb
Transmission: 3spd Torqueflite Automatic
0-60 MPH: was once as good as 10.5 seconds
Top speed: Approximately 115 MPH.
License Plate History:

  UGR 551 (WA)
  Before my time
  K 06975 (WA Exempt)
  Before my time
  437 DJH (WA)
  See this plate on Farley
  004 FJB (WA)
  See this plate on Farley
  17 K846 (NE)
  See this plate on Farley
  SXH 883 (WI)
  See this plate on Farley
  66912 (WI Firefighter)
  See this plate on Farley
  FYV 556 (MN)
  Hmm, I'll get one.....
License plate images courtesy of the Acme License Maker

Ownership History:
    Avis Rent a Car - Seattle, WA (1979-1980)
    State of Washington Dept of Transportation - Spokane, WA (1980-1988)
    Frank Billington III - Maple Valley, WA (1988-1990)
    Frank Billington IV - Duluth, MN (1990-Present)