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Farley's Chat Room




The Chat window opens on the next page.  Please read this overview before you continue.



1.  This chat room is not moderated, the owner of Farley's Page bear no responsibility for content or performance of this chat room.

2.  This chat room is not membership-controlled.  There are no guarantees that another participant is who they claim to be.

3.  Do not respond to rude participants, or "flamers".  Ignore them, and they will eventually lose interest and leave.



Once the applet has loaded, click the Connect button - it's on the upper left corner.


Logging in:

A new window appears, with the title "Connect". Enter your Nickname in the top box. Leave the other two boxes how they are. Then click OK.  (Users registered at the Farley's Page Forum are encouraged to use their Forum handles.)

Chat Help:
Once you are on the next page, refer to the Quick Reference guide underneath the chat window for additional help and extra chat features.
Are you Ready?
Proceed to the Chat page.


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