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View the largest collection of Diplomats on the internet.

This site also features a collection of photos of Mopar "M" Bodied Diplomat Siblings.  Choose from the
Chrysler LeBaron/New Yorker/Fifth Avenue, Dodge Coronet/Dart, or Plymouth Caravelle/Gran Fury.

Check out theses Non Stock M Bodies, something you would not find at the dealer!

See the Predecessors of the Diplomat, the Plymouth Valiant, Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare, among others.

Here are some Descendants of the Diplomat.

Get caught Future Dreaming about Diplomats that could be.

Here are some Background Images for your website or Windows wallpaper.

Is it a surprise that there are Imitators and Imposters of the Diplomat?

Here are some Other Diplomats not produced by Mopar.

Perhaps you were looking for Farley's Photo Album?


See the Police Car Web Site for a complete history of the 1981-1989 Chrysler M body vehicles in Law Enforcement.

Also follow some of the connections in Farley's Links for more photos of Diplomats and other Chrysler Products.

Send me your Diplomat-themed photos or tell me where I can access them, and I will gladly include them here, with credits and links to your own web pages.  If you like, you can send photos to me by mail.  I will scan them in myself, return the photo, and pay you back for any postage costs.  For more information, see the FAQ.


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