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Farley's Page Links


Note: some sites were removed in March 2011 because they had gone off-line. None were removed for editorial reasons.


Allpar: Dodge Diplomat - Allpar's page on M Bodies
Allpar: Diplomat and Gran Fury Squads - Allpar's page on M Body squad cars
Fury - Kurt Bradley's 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury
Grandpa's Toy - Clarence (Clay) Stinn's 11 second 1985 Diplomat
Hamcar - Tommy Eide's home page, with info on his Norwegian Diplomat Wagon featured on Diplomats 23.
Mike's Chrysler Fifth Avenue Page - Does for the 5A what Farley's does for the Diplomat  Go have a look, an Allpar Top 5% Winner!
Official Home Page of Jaime Tepes - With some info on his 1987 ex-Cop Diplomat
Worldwide M Body Club - Just getting off the ground, this site is still under construction


225 Slant Six • 318 and 360 V8TorqueFlite automatic transmission


Franco's 1960 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 Page - A former Diplomat owner's newest project.
Valiant Varieties Worldwide - A page for the Chrysler "A" body cars.


Allpar - Formerly known as Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central
Used Car Lot - Looking to buy or sell a Diplomat, Gran Fury, or Fifth Avenue?
The WPC (Walter P Chrysler) Club - Excellent site for old Chrysler/Mopars


A&A Transmission - High performance transmissions and components
Accurate LTD - Exhaust products for Mopars
All Chrysler Muscle Equipment - Title speaks for itself
Bouchillon Performance Engineering (BPE) - Mopar parts manufacturer and supplier
Brad's NOS Parts - One stop shop for new and used Mopar parts - Factory engineered performance parts
Howell Automotive - Mopar parts and performance
Mancini Racing - Mopar performance parts distributor
Westoaks - Mopar performance parts


Auto Body Specialties - Body parts and accessories
Auto Rust Technicians - They put rust to sleep
Art Carr Performance Racing - Performance transmission products
Auto Plus - Surplus police vehicle dealer
Antique Auto Battery - Leading manufacturer of antique OEM replacement batteries
B&M Racing and Performance - Over 40 years in the business
CarTalk - One of the best unbiased and truly helpful sites I've ever found, and entertaining, too
Kelley Blue Book - What is your car worth today?
Haynes Automotive Repair Manuals - Do the job right the first time
High Performance Automotive - Specializing in Police Package car sales
Ram Air Box - Cool air for hot rods
Reider Racing - Gears and rears
Summit Racing - High performance car and truck parts
VinPower - Offers software for VIN decoding


Adam's Ex-Copcar Page
The Cop Stop
Copcar dot com
Kevin's Police Car Page


Frank's Incredibly Useful Pages - A page of sites I find really useful, I'll add more as time goes on.
Dead Suburban's Home Page - This rig's site remains as a memorial for its owner, whom it saved.1
Acme License Maker - Make you own custom vanity plates, all states, most years, big fun.
Compare 10-10 Phone Rates - Explained in detail without befuddling your brain.
Corona Coming Attractions - What's coming to theaters in the next few years?
Dark Horizons - Like Coming Attractions, a very cool site!
Don't Click Here
Eric J. Plosky - No Diplomats, but he's still on the web.
Icepick - Alex's Internet House, truly amazing and entertaining.
i used to believe - Collection of childhood beliefs, good read to remember what it's like to be four years old
HuskerPedia - Nebraska Football - Go Big Red!!  Once a Husker you never go back.
Northern Images - Spectacular image files from the Duluth/Superior area available for free download as Windows wallpaper
Promise Keepers - Men of Integrity.
Star Blazers - If you are a 70's kid and watched TV growing up, you'll understand.
The Atlanta Roadways Digest (TARD) - Yeah!  Someone else who shares my views on stupid drivers.
The Fantastic Typing CyberMonkey - Don't be so serious, go here and have a laugh.
The Search for Noah's Ark - You thought it was legend.  Guess what?
Veggie Tales - the coolest CG entertainment for kids.
What Your Car Says About You - I got him to add the Diplomat

(Valiant, Duster, and Dart)

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